Bachelor in Paradise’s Brittany Galvin throws shade at Pizza Pete after horrible date

Brittany Galvin and Peter Izzo
Brittany Galvin solidifies her thoughts on Peter Izzo with a hilarious video. Pic credit: @lilgalvin/@peterizzo_/Instagram

It’s safe to say Bachelor in Paradise contestant Peter Izzo did not successfully change Brittany Galvin’s life “one slice at a time” after their one-on-one date.

Viewers of last night’s episode will recall a few major events, including Salley’s quick and drama-filled appearance, Romeo leaving the beach with Jill (seemingly against his will), and Brittany and “Pizza” Pete’s incredibly awkward boating date.

While Tuesday night’s airing was not lacking in cheesy puns upon Pete’s arrival, he was given a date card and chose Brittany to accompany him on what was her first one-on-one since joining Paradise on the first day.

However, the excitement for the date slowly diminished as Pizza Pete continued to only talk about himself and his pizza businesses as the two hung out on the back of a yacht.

Although Brittany made it clear in her confessional that she was not the least bit interested in Pete after their date, she took the shade one step further by posting a video about it on TikTok.

Her video showed a cutout of her sitting on the back of a boat with the accompanying text, “When you finally get asked to go on your first one-on-one date.”

Brittany Galvin shades Peter Izzo in TikTok after bad Bachelor in Paradise date

Brittany shifted her eyes to the side as a male voice in the background said, “Look at those lips, Damn.” Brittany then lip-synced to the female voice that said, “I’m not attracted to you.”

BIP viewers will tie the connection to Brittany awkwardly “swerving” Pete’s kiss during the date, to which Brittany followed up by saying, “Read the room.”

This was Brittany’s second swerve of the season, as she previously rejected a kiss from contestant Romeo as well.

BIP fans praise Brittany Galvin after Tuesday’s episode

Although Brittany may not have gotten much screen time during previous episodes, fans got to see more of her on Tuesday night through her date with Pete and kiss with contestant Andrew Spencer.

After realizing what she “didn’t want,” meaning a partner with the qualities that Pete possessed, Brittany returned to the beach and realized it was time to spark up a connection with Andrew. After the two had been chatting, Brittany leaned in to give Andrew a kiss.

The move was especially rich, especially after just dodging a smooch from the Pizza King hours before.

After her on-screen time, viewers were quick to jump on social media and label Brittany as the newest leading lady on the beach. “Nothing but respect for MY queen of paradise,” one fan even wrote next to her headshot.

Fans can tune in next week to see if Brittany and Andrew’s relationship will continue to grow, or if the new group of ladies that are set to appear on the beach will shake things up for the potential new couple.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC

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