Brittany Galvin ‘blindsided’ by Tyler Norris during Bachelor in Paradise reunion

Brittany Galvin
Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris don’t appear to see eye-to-eye on their breakup. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise viewers got sad news during Tuesday night’s reunion as Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris confirmed they were no longer together. 

Fans were rooting for the couple after they professed their love for one another on the beach, but their relationship didn’t survive post-show. 

At the reunion, Tyler appeared heartbroken as he explained how Brittany dumped him. 

However, Brittany appears to think Tyler’s take on the demise of their relationship came out of nowhere, as she declared the split was much more mutual than depicted. 

Brittany shared her thoughts on the reunion with her social media followers and addressed appearing cold-hearted during her segment with Tyler. 

She admitted feeling displeased and blindsided after her and Tyler’s reunion exchange. 

Brittany Galvin’ frustrated for being blindsided’ by Tyler Norris 

Brittany took to Twitter to react to her and Tyler’s time in the hot seat. 

Tyler was the first to speak with Jesse Palmer solo before Brittany joined him on the couch.

Tyler was somber as he expressed that he thought he found something that could potentially be forever, only to learn that Brittany no longer saw a future with him. 

During the reunion, Tyler revealed that he and Brittany often exchanged “I love you’s” and met each other’s loved ones after the show, but then Brittany expressed needing space. 

While on a trip, Brittany reportedly Facetimed Tyler to declare that she didn’t think they were right for one another. Tyler shared that Brittany broke up with him the same day he was dumped on national television by Rachel Recchia on The Bachelorette Season 19. 

Brittany shared that Tyler didn’t give her space when she requested it and continued to message and DM her, which she felt was too much. Tyler felt that if Brittany really loved him, she would have been more thoughtful. 

While Tyler suggested Brittany was the root cause of the split, Brittany had a different perspective as she tweeted, “We ended on mutual terms. This came out of no where.” 

Brittany, at times, seemed irritated with Tyler as he poured his heart out at the reunion. She acknowledged coming across as coldhearted in a tweet that read, “Unfortunately they can’t show the entirety of the reunion. I know that I came off ‘cold hearted’ but I was just feeling frustrated for being blindsided.” 

Brittany Galvin's tweets
Pic credit: @lilgalvin/Twitter

Tyler Norris comes to Johnny DePhillipo’s defense 

While Tyler was heartbroken over his relationship ending, he also felt passionate about his friend Johnny DePhillipo enduring a breakup with Victoria Fuller. 

Johnny and Victoria split after getting engaged in the BIP finale as Victoria moved on to a relationship with The Bachelorette Season 17’s Greg Grippo. 

During Johnny and Victoria’s tense exchange, Tyler attempted to chime in and address Victoria.

However, Victoria quickly snapped at Tyler and told him to butt out of the conversation. 

When Johnny walked off set, Tyler was shown speaking to him outside and slamming Victoria while sharing that Johnny showed respect and restraint by not exposing her on the stage.

Tyler also took to his Instagram Stories to share a photo with Johnny as he wrote, “Always got your back brotha @johnnydephillipo.” 

Tyler Norris and Johnny DePhillipo
Pic credit: @tylerjnorris9/Instagram

After an eventful and emotional journey on Bachelor in Paradise, Tyler and Johnny appear to be back on the market, and Brittany may be taken based on a recent post.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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