Victoria Fuller confirms Greg Grippo romance after Bachelor in Paradise finale 

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean Victoria is single. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller’s Bachelor in Paradise experience was the definition of a roller-coaster and included an engagement, breakup, and new love with a completely different Bachelor Nation star. 

After much speculation and not-so-subtle hints, Victoria finally confirmed her romantic relationship with The Bachelorette Season 17 star Greg Grippo. 

Greg appeared on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion as the two sat side by side to explain how they fell for one another. 

Before Greg joined Victoria on the couch, Victoria was in the hot seat with her ex-fiance, Johnny DePhillipo. 

In one of the tensest moments from Tuesday night’s finale, Victoria and Johnny confronted one another and hurled some serious accusations. 

While Victoria and Johnny appeared to be on bad terms after their split, Victoria was adamant that she was extremely happy in her new relationship with Greg. 

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo make their relationship public 

Victoria was unapologetic while announcing her relationship with Greg. 

First, Jesse directly asked Victoria if she ever cheated on Johnny with Greg, and Victoria gave an assured “Absolutely not.” However, Johnny suggested that he viewed Victoria’s behavior during their engagement as emotional cheating. 

Jesse later had Victoria finally confirm that she and Greg were together after months of rumors and global sightings. 

Victoria said she and Greg were a couple, and Greg was brought out on the stage to elaborate further on the relationship. 

Greg explained that he and Victoria had been friends for a while after meeting a year ago through mutual friends. 

Greg stated, “Through the weeks after Paradise, we ended up rekindling and trying it out.” 

Previously, Victoria and Greg were spotted in Italy, and Greg shared the reasoning behind their trip.

Greg stated that he asked Victoria on a date, and since they didn’t want to be spotted by the public in the States, they decided to go on a date in Italy instead. 

To commemorate their Italy trip, Victoria and Greg showed off their matching “CIAO” tattoos for the live audience, who seemed more suspicious than happy about the polarizing couple. 

Both Victoria and Greg are notorious figures within Bachelor Nation, and Victoria acknowledged that people could hate them, but she doesn’t care because no one else has to understand their relationship but the two of them. 

Victoria brazenly declared, “Everyone can hate us if they f***ing want. I don’t give two f***ks because I got this f***er!” 

Victoria Fuller accuses Johnny DePhillipo of calling her a foul name 

During her heated exchange with Johnny on the couch, Victoria suggested their arguments post-show were constant and toxic. 

In a censored moment, Victoria asked when the right time would have been to move on after Johnny allegedly called her a foul expletive. 

Victoria confirmed what expletive she accused Johnny of calling her when taking to her Instagram Stories.

After the reunion aired, Victoria defended moving on from Johnny by writing, “when you get called a ‘f***ing c**t’ in your relationship it’s time to move on.” 

Victoria Fuller's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @vlfuller/Instagram

While Victoria and Johnny’s relationship started strong, unfortunately, it has crashed and burned, and Victoria is now looking forward to a new chapter with Greg. 

Time will tell if Victoria and Greg have better luck going the distance. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Victoria breaks up marriages from friends she knows, and never goes after the guy afterwards. She has a terrible reputation with men and she needs help. Looks like she was spotted on the up coming bachelor slated for January. She is a piece of work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Phyllis

Glad to have the confirmed. I have always thought she is a manipulative, ingenious wh*re! Sorry not sorry! She consistently says how she ready for a family and a husband…..are you kidding me?! She plays like a 19 year old college freshman.