The Bachelor Red Wine Recap: Brittany Galvin Wins at the Women Tell All

Brittany Galvin talks to Chris Harrison during The Bachelor’s Women Tell All and outshines her haters in the process. Pic credit: ABC

Monsers and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps The Bachelor, Season 25, Episode 8, with a little help from a glass of pinot (or two)…

I struggled with my headline. The one before this was “Women Tell All (This Feels Pointless)” but, in the end, I made it about Brittany Galvin. Why? Well, because I want to help what changes in the search results when people type her name. (More on that later.)

Next, I want to acknowledge that probably 99 percent of us know the way this season finishes — and now that the whole franchise is all but done, watching these remaining episodes feels rather pointless. Heck, I realize that a good amount of you didn’t even watch tonight, in support of Chris Harrison and due to just the general feeling of “being over it.”

So (I guess for the 1 percent of you), this recap’s for you.

And while I couldn’t bring myself to a total suspension of disbelief to enjoy my “mindless show” in the carefree manner I once knew, I was able to watch without chucking my TV out the window.

Let’s recap.

‘Mean Girls’ get less screen time, but still no accountability

Bachelor Nation still had Katie’s back as Chelsea confronted her at the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

Perhaps my TV was saved because the “mean girls” didn’t get the lopsided screen time I was expecting them to have.

Of course, the ladies discussed bullying (given that it completely dominated the season). They mentioned what life has been like for them since the show’s airing. Yet, oddly, the queen bullies still could not admit their wrongs.

In fact, Chelsea even told Katie that toxicity didn’t exist in the house until “Katie brought it in.” You heard that right.

Pic credit: @realitytv_world/Twitter

Bachelor fans, however, weren’t fooled. At least all of Twitter showed their loyalty and support for Katie.

Brittany Galvin shines bright

The little star who might have shined the brightest tonight, though, was Brittany. Sure, we all know and love Abigail and Katie … but what about Brittany? She spent the little time she had during Matt’s season defending herself from that (picture it) She’s entertaining men for money” rumor by Anna.

Brittany showed empathy toward Anna during the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

But, tonight, in her sit down with Chris, she outshined Victoria and Co. with total ease while also looking killer in all black and red lipstick. (Oh, and she also happened to match Abigail tonight).

Brittany explained how hard it is knowing her legacy on Google searches is basically Anna’s rumor. (Hence, the reason for my headline tonight to do my small part to try and change that!)

But what was so great about Brittany tonight was that she showed empathy toward Anna (genuinely asking fans to not hate on her) while also telling sex workers, don’t be ashamed! I have a feeling people will be throwing her name in The Bachelorette ring here soon (assuming that doesn’t die with the rest).

Matt’s kissing, Abigail, and more

At least something good came from Matt’s season! Pic credit: ABC

Our other highlights came when Abigail sat with Chris, and she talked about all the love and support she has received!

Chris also showed unseen footage of silly dates where the women ate raw eggs, followed up by Matt (with full beard blazing) coming to terms with his kissing “skills.”

Now I couldn’t tell if he was serious when he said this, but Matt explained he honestly didn’t know it was bad to kiss with your eyes open and the reason he did this was because he likes maintaining “eye contact” with beautiful women.

Matt re-lives all of his bad kissing moments during The Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

But now that he has seen it on screen, it has truly been an “eye-opening experience” (Chris’s pun – not mine). (It’s just too bad Victoria and Co. didn’t have that same awakening.)

So that about does it for The Women Tell All. If you are confused with where the show is heading, join the club. If you are abandoning Bachelor ship, I might just be there with you soon. And for those of you still hanging on to a life raft, here is a timeline of events for what you can expect the rest of this season.

‘Til “next time” friends.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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