Behind Her Eyes: How many episodes are there? Who are the creators?

Are you debating over whether or not to watch Netflix’s trending thriller series Behind Her Eyes? The good news is, the series is a fast watch with limited episodes. Perfect for binge-watching. It has been over four weeks since the series premiered and yet, it still has a place in the Trending in the U.S. list


Behind Her Eyes: Who is Tom Bateman?

Fans have been falling in love with the actor who plays the dreamy love interest in Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes. Playing the secret-riddled psychiatrist David Ferguson is the English actor Tom Bateman.  What else has Tom Bateman been in?  Bateman has starred in many big-name projects prior to Behind Her Eyes. He made his movie


Behind Her Eyes might not be renewed for a Season 2

Netflix’s thriller series Behind Her Eyes left its audience wanting more! The show has been trending on the streaming platform for weeks. Over three weeks since its premiere, the series is still present on the trending list in the U.S. at number six. What has Netflix said about a Season 2?  As of now, Netflix


Behind Her Eyes: Fans react to the show’s ending

The Netflix drama Behind Her Eyes has been a major topic of conversation since its release on February 17. The mystery teased throughout the limited series begins to be pieced together in the final few episodes leaving its audience on the edge of their seats.  What is Behind Her Eyes?  Behind Her Eyes is a


Behind Her Eyes cast: Robert Aramayo plays Rob

Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes is filled with a series of mind-blowing twists, and as the story continues, it is revealed that the character Rob can be held responsible for most of it. What is Behind Her Eyes?  Behind Her Eyes is a new Netflix thriller following the very-British lives of Louise Barnsley (Simona Brown), a


What to watch on Netflix: Top 10 in the US on February 10, 2021

With thousands of titles streaming on the Netflix platform, it’s easy to get lost while looking for something interesting to binge-watch.  Many brand new Netflix Originals were released this week like The Crew, Behind Her Eyes and Tribes of Europa. Each of them has quickly garnered a fanbase, but only two of the aforementioned shows


Behind Her Eyes: Who is Eve Hewson?

Netflix just added a piping hot thriller to its streaming platform called Behind Her Eyes. Starring as one of the show’s leads is Eve Hewson, who plays the dangerous and alluring Adele Ferguson.  Who is Eve Hewson?  Actor and daughter of the rock musician Bono, Eve Hewson (full name Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson) plays


Behind Her Eyes: What is this new show about?

A new spooky show just dropped on Netflix called Behind Her Eyes. This miniseries is created by the man behind Hannibal and Narcos, Steve Lightfoot.  Behind Her Eyes is based on a best-selling novel written by Sarah Pinborough. The novel was well-received and garnered praise from many literary critics. Adapted for Netflix, this six-episode thriller


Behind Her Eyes: Who is in the cast?

Netflix has welcomed a new psychological thriller, Behind Her Eyes, to its platform. With a dramatic affair and a few mysterious deaths, this series has all of its viewers left awe-stricken.  The series follows Louise “Lou” Barnsley (Simona Brown), a single mother living in central London. She finds herself having an illicit affair with her


Behind Her Eyes ending explained: What happened to Louise?

The finale of the new Netflix thriller Behind Her Eyes, from Hannibal’s Steve Lightfoot, leaves its viewers with an abundance of questions: Why is Rob doing this? Is Adele still alive? And what happened to Louise? The show’s ending is a mess — not in the form of poor production quality, but rather, it drops