Behind Her Eyes: Fans react to the show’s ending

Simona Brown as Louise in Behind Her Eyes.
Simona Brown plays the main character Louise in Behind Her Eyes. Pic credit: Netflix

The Netflix drama Behind Her Eyes has been a major topic of conversation since its release on February 17. The mystery teased throughout the limited series begins to be pieced together in the final few episodes leaving its audience on the edge of their seats. 

What is Behind Her Eyes? 

Behind Her Eyes is a British romantic-drama on Netflix from Steve Lightfoot, the creator of Hannibal. The series is based on a novel with the same name by Sarah Pinborough.

The series follows the kind and unproblematic Louise Barnsley (Simona Brown), a single “mum” living in London, and her eventual affair with her dreamy psychiatrist boss, David (Tom Bateman). 

Louise is quick to discover that David is married to a beautiful and “seemingly-perfect” woman named Adele (Eve Hewson). After the two women meet, they quickly become friends and Louise gets trapped in the drama of the two’s failing marriage.

Netflix writes in the show’s full synopsis, “the love triangle and web of lies unravels, exposing secrets with the help of the

This romantic-drama takes a few dark twists and quickly becomes a thriller as Louise dives into Adele’s past and grows to know the other people in Adele’s life— it is revealed that nothing is as it seems.  

How did fans react to the ending? 

The ending of Behind Her Eyes left fans with a lot to cope with, especially since the short-lived series only contains six episodes. The ending quickly sneaks up on its viewers.

Launching straight to the point, Twitter user Hannah shared that the ending left her feeling “overwhelmed” and that they’re going to need “2-3 working days to process” it. 

Hannah was seconded by another fan of the show who wrote, “um hi, ‘behind her eyes’ on netflix has shaken me to my CORE n i need 3 business days to recover.”

Another shared a few images from the series and tweeted that the ending was “MINDBLOWING.”

Even Netflix has teased this aspect of Behind Her Eyes. While promoting the series, they described the show’s ending as “a twist you’ll *never* see coming.”

Behind Her Eyes definitely left its viewers with a plethora of questions, concerns and just overall confusion. It sure lives up to its description words on Netflix, which advertise the show as being “mind-bending,” “ominous,” and “suspenseful.”

Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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3 years ago

“Behind Her Eyes” was a good series, except the ending was fowl, and the audience felt the stench. I felt assaulted, and my sister felt betrayed. I felt angry, and my best friend needed to talk for 3 hours. Most of them felt the ending was so hopeless it was depressing. Adam was the greatest tragedy at the ending.
All the actors played convincing parts, but the ending sucked the life out of an already discouraged Covid community. How could the writers not care about us and the divine order in the end? I am concerned if only Adam would get his mother back instead of the wretched imp this series portrays.