Behind Her Eyes: Who is Eve Hewson?

Eve Hewson on the production set of Behind Her Eyes.
Eve Hewson on the production set of Behind Her Eyes. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix just added a piping hot thriller to its streaming platform called Behind Her Eyes. Starring as one of the show’s leads is Eve Hewson, who plays the dangerous and alluring Adele Ferguson. 

Who is Eve Hewson? 

Actor and daughter of the rock musician Bono, Eve Hewson (full name Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson) plays Adele Ferguson, a woman who is revealed to be mysterious and quite deadly. Her character ends up manipulating the show’s main protagonist Louise and they form an uncomfortable but strangely harmonious friendship. 

Hewson haunts the screen in Behind Her Eyes and is a stand-out actor. Previously, she starred in Robin Hood (2018), alongside Taron Egerton, as Maid Marian. That same year she played the main love interest Franny Nightingale in the Canadian romance drama Paper Year. 

More recently, she starred in the drama series The Luminaries.

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She shared an image of the promotional poster of Behind Her Eyes on her Instagram account and wrote, “Feb 17th. U ready.” In the image, she appears on the far right.

Hewson also posted a picture with her co-star Simona Brown, who plays Louise, on the day that Behind Her Eyes finished filming. Her caption read, “We are wrapped and happy!.. (and exhausted).. cuz this one is crazy good.”

Another one of her co-stars, male lead Tom Batemen, commented on their work dynamic. He shared, “We work in a very similar way – we play a lot and keep things very light and approach the scene as a pair.” 

He went on to add, “In a piece like this, that is hard to do because you are so against each other, but having a big hug in the morning, laughing around in the make-up trailer and discussing the scene as a pair is helpful.”

What’s next for Hewson? In an interview with Vogue, she was asked what kind of roles she was interested in tackling next. She mentioned that she’d “really love to do a comedy” but it would be a new realm for her to “dive into.” 

While Behind Her Eyes is far from a comedy, Hewson still delivers a fantastic performance. She has an undeniable chemistry with her co-stars Batemen and Brown, truly helping the audience get lost in the mysteries of the show.

What is Behind Her Eyes? 

Behind Her Eyes is a psychological thriller that follows the all-too-relatable single mother Louise Barnsley (Simona Brown) and her awkward affair with her boss David Ferguson (Tom Bateman). The two hit it off at a local London bar and as they leave, they end up exchanging a kiss. However, things end abruptly between them and they go their separate ways. 

Much to their dismay, Louise sees him as the “new psychiatrist” at work the following day when he is touring the office with his wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). 

This limited series is created by Steve Lightfoot, who previously offered his talents to the shows Hannibal and The Punisher. It is co-written by Lightfoot and Angela LaManna (The Punisher, Channel Zero) and is based on a novel by Sarah Pinborough.

Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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