Behind Her Eyes might not be renewed for a Season 2

Eve Hewson as Adele in Behind Her Eyes.
Eve Hewson as Adele in Behind Her Eyes. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s thriller series Behind Her Eyes left its audience wanting more! The show has been trending on the streaming platform for weeks. Over three weeks since its premiere, the series is still present on the trending list in the U.S. at number six.

What has Netflix said about a Season 2? 

As of now, Netflix has not renewed Behind Her Eyes for a second season. Sadly, It may not even be on the creators’ radar.

Around the time of the show’s premiere, executive producer Jessica Burdett shared, “Steve [Lightfoot, the writer] felt there were six parts, and it’s just always felt natural.”

She added, “A six-part series with a finite ending is incredibly consumable and rewarding, you don’t have to wait for the tenth or twelfth part to get your twist or your comeuppance or whatever it is.”

While on one hand, that comment can be interpreted as simply, the creators did not have any interest in leaving their audience on a cliffhanger or drawing out the plot. However, it also sounds like they believe that the series has a “finite ending” and they don’t plan on adding more.

If it’s the latter, Netflix may be interested in ordering more episodes, as the show was very successful among fans. But, they might run into the same issue they had with the investigative series Mindhunter where after two seasons, the show’s creator decided to step away to pursue other projects.

What could happen in Season 2? 

Season 1 of Behind Her Eyes ended with a total banger. It was revealed that the characters engaged in a form of astral projection — body-switching, basically. And the two female leads aren’t who they claim to be. 

At the end of the series, single mother Louise Barnsley’s (Simone Brown) body was taken over by Rob (Robert Aramayo) — who had previously been occupying Adele Ferguson’s (Eve Hewson) body. All of this was part of Rob’s long-term plan to make sure the main male interest, David Ferguson (Tom Bateman), stays present in his life.

It is revealed that David has no idea about the body-switching that took place, but Louise’s son Adam doesn’t seem convinced. He challenges his “mom” on her interests and sends her numerous skeptical looks. It’s a heartbreaking revelation to realize that he is aware of his mom’s odd behavior and his mom is presumably dead. 

If Behind Her Eyes is renewed for a second season, the creators would have tons to work with. It’d be thrilling to see Rob get taken down and his previous events revealed.

As one fan wrote on Twitter, “Somebody make a Season 2 and save this kid.”

Hang in there, Adam! Hopefully, Netflix will come around and give this character some relief. Either way, fans are adamant that the series’ “finite ending” wasn’t enough and a Season 2 should be around the corner. 

Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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