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Behind Her Eyes: Who is Tom Bateman?

Promotional still from Behind Her Eyes.
Tom Bateman and Simona Brown star in Behind Her Eyes. Pic credit: Netflix

Fans have been falling in love with the actor who plays the dreamy love interest in Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes. Playing the secret-riddled psychiatrist David Ferguson is the English actor Tom Bateman. 

What else has Tom Bateman been in? 

Bateman has starred in many big-name projects prior to Behind Her Eyes. He made his movie debut in 2010 playing the character Claudio in an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. A few years later he played a main role in the drama Creditors. 

After a series of lesser-known projects and a filmed theater production, Bateman was cast in Murder on the Orient Express which is how he met his now-girlfriend Daisy Ridley, an actor best known for her work playing Rey in the Star Wars trilogy. 

Another role includes starring as James in the movie Snatched alongside Amy Schumer, Joan Cusack and Goldie Hawn. He was also in the drama Cold Pursuit with Liam Neeson. 

Television-wise, he has also kept himself very busy. In 2015, he played the title character in an ITV adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde. Other roles include Da Vinci’s Demons for BBC, Cold Feet, and Hulu’s Into the Dark.

Bateman enjoyed playing David in Behind Her Eyes and described the role as challenging. He shared, “Selfishly as an actor, when they offer you a role, you read it and go, ‘Oh, my bits are wonderful’ – and they were.”

He also discussed how he was able to get into character. When asked about the show’s heavy themes of dreams and nightmares, Bateman mentioned that two dream specialists served as consultants during the rehearsal process.

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He expressed that the specialists taught him how to lucid dream— despite his character not having much involvement in the nightmare realm, especially compared to his castmates. However, he describes the process as “fascinating” and “trippy.”

Next for Bateman is reprising his role in Death on the Nile, a follow up to Murder on the Orient Express. 

What are fans saying? 

While Bateman doesn’t have social media accounts, he has numerous fan accounts online. One of the most active ones is on Instagram. They’ve been sharing his recent interviews and production stills from his time in Behind Her Eyes. 

On Twitter, one fan described Bateman’s scenes in Behind Her Eyes as a “10/10.” They included a gif from the series showing the character David with his at-the-time wife, Adele.

Another described the drama as “gripping” and praised it for its “perfect choice of actors.” 

Breaking it down, one fan tweeted, “Tom Bateman. That’s the tweet.” 

Clearly, Bateman has made himself a fan-favorite. Many of his fans online are following his every move and waiting to see him cast in more upcoming projects. Some popular fan casts were for him to play Batman or make an appearance in Bridgerton.  

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Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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