Behind Her Eyes: How many episodes are there? Who are the creators?

Simona Brown as Louise in Behind Her Eyes.
Simona Brown as Louise in Behind Her Eyes. Pic credit: Netflix

Are you debating over whether or not to watch Netflix’s trending thriller series Behind Her Eyes? The good news is, the series is a fast watch with limited episodes. Perfect for binge-watching.

It has been over four weeks since the series premiered and yet, it still has a place in the Trending in the U.S. list on Netflix. It is currently situated at number seven.

How many episodes are in Behind Her Eyes? 

Behind Her Eyes is advertised as a limited series. The drama consists of 6 episodes, each under an hour. 

The show follows young single mother Louise Barnsley (Simona Brown) who suffers from extreme night terrors. Her life becomes more complicated when she begins an affair with her dreamy and very secretive boss, David Ferguson (Tom Bateman). 

Quickly, Louise discovers that David is married to the “seemingly-perfect” Adele (Eve Hewson) and the two woman form an odd friendship, bonding over their shared history of nightmares. However, this friendship seems to be their undoing as it leads to a sequence of uncovered mysteries and a strange introduction to the supernatural.

Who are the creators?

Behind Her Eyes is based on the best-selling novel by Sarah Pinborough and the series is co-written by Steve Lightfoot and Angela LaManna. 

Lightfoot is best known for his work as the writer and producer of the NBC horror series Hannibal. He has also written episodes of Camelot and Marvel’s The Punisher.

Co-writer, LaManna has produced and written episodes of Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manner. Additionally, she served as the executive story teller for The Punisher and the crime series Channel Zero.

The executive producers for Behind Her Eyes are Suzanne Mackie and first-time producer Jessica Burdett (she previously worked as a script executive). 

Commenting on how the “distributing” dream aspects of the original book translated to the screen, Burdett shared, “One thing we really wanted to do was to give the audience a sense early on that this story isn’t straightforward. The dreams are a great way to introduce this heightened sense of reality.”

She further added that it was something they decided to add on, early in the series, in order to prepare the audience for what was to come. 

It seems as though the audience was still shocked by the mysterious and abrupt ending of Behind Her Eyes and many have labeled it as “shocking” and “mind-blowing.” 

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Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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