Royal family celebrate Pancake Tuesday by sharing some tasty recipes from the royal chefs

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the Trooping of Color
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will hopefully be getting their pancakes tonight. Pic credit: ©

It’s Shrove Tuesday today, or as it’s more commonly known in Britain, Pancake Day, and the Royal Family have taken to social media to share some tasty recipes with the world.

As citizens across the UK and the Commonwealth celebrate the day before Lent, millions of people will be marking the occasion by tucking into pancakes.

Thankfully, the official Twitter and Instagram accounts of Queen Elizabeth II have posted helpful pictures and instructions on how to make pancakes, and they’ve even provided a variety of serving suggestions.

These ideas come directly from the Royal Chefs.

Naturally, the Queen’s chefs advocate the traditional ingredients of flour, eggs, milk, butter, and sugar, but they’ve added a somewhat classy twist on the butter.

Instead of regular butter, the royals suggest using beurre noisette, which means nutty butter in French. The name refers to the nutty brown color, which is achieved by simply frying a little butter until all the water is burnt off and you’re just left with the nutty brown-colored milk solids.

Then all you do is leave it to cool on one side and add it to the pancake batter mix later.

British pancakes traditionally differ from American style

Pancakes in the United Kingdom are generally done a little differently from North American creations. The main difference being that British pancakes are much thinner than the US versions.

The flatter pancake allows for a spread of toppings before it’s rolled up like a carpet. The Queen’s chefs call it rolling “into cigars.”

British pancakes often tend to steer clear of maple syrup and blueberries, opting more for plain sugar with a drizzle of lemon juice; some British people who are trying to be a bit fancy will opt for the likes of cream with raspberries and blackberries.

However, the royals posted three very different serving suggestions. The first two have already been mentioned, the classic sugar with a drizzle of lemon, and the cream with raspberry and blackberry.

But they also suggested an intriguing and delicious-sounding savory version with ham, leek, and cheese, three very traditional British ingredients. It’s explained on the website how to make a cheese sauce before adding the ham and leek as the pancake filler.

All these recipes and instructions have been posted on to the official royal website.

Fans appreciated the royal pancake recipes on Twitter

Hungry fans of the Royal Family showed their appreciation for the recipes on Twitter.

Fan thanks Royal Family for the recipe on Twitter
Pic credit: @Darling4T/Twitter

Another fan on Twitter wrote: “This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!”

Fan on Twitter thanks for sharing recipe
Pic credit: @SabirahLohn/Twitter

In other royal family news this week, fans on the internet have been expressing their opinion on Princess Anne’s living room. A photo of the Queen’s daughter’s living space made it online recently, and some fans have been shocked at how cluttered it looks.

In other massive news this week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that Meghan is pregnant again. And there’s further news that Harry and Meghan intend to sit down with none other than Oprah Winfrey in a tell-all interview.

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