Machine Gun Kelly a ‘bridezilla,’ not Megan Fox says Taurus director Tim Sutton

Megan Fox was on the set of the new 'Ninja Turtles' movie on April 29 2015 in New York City .
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s Taurus film director has revealed that the punk rock singer is a bit more demanding when it comes to wedding planning. ©

Despite her standing as one of Hollywood’s top A-listers and her sex-symbol status with her long dark locks, luscious pout, and fit physique, Megan Fox is apparently not the one in her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly who is the most demanding when it comes down to wedding planning.

The eclectic and unusual pair — who started dating just over two years ago and became engaged last fall, with MGK popping the question under a special Banyan tree that held a lot of meaning for the couple — have spent a lot of time in the spotlight since becoming an item and speculations have run high regarding various details of their growing courtship.

Now, the director of the duo’s newest film venture has revealed some more intimate details about how Megan and MGK are handling their current wedding planning.

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Machine Gun Kelly is said to be the ‘bridezilla’ in the relationship

Tim Sutton, who directs Megan and MGK in the movie Taurus, a semi-autobiographical tale of a rapper/rock artist on the road to self-destruction, opened up in a recent interview about his view and understanding of the couple.

“Supposedly [Machine Gun Kelly is a] bridezilla more than she is because she’s been through it before,” Tim told Us Weekly, while adding that he allowed them to express concerns while filming, also giving them the space they needed to process during more grueling or trying scenes.

He continued to describe the moment he realized he had to get Megan involved in the production, saying, “I knew from the outset that the ex had to be Megan because we were going for this real meta world. If you have some great actress playing Megan Fox, it doesn’t make any sense,” he shared.

Machine Gun Kelly opened up about filming Good Mourning

While Megan and MGK work hard to get things ready for what will surely be a unique wedding ceremony, given the fact that the twosome enjoys the ritual of drinking each other’s blood now and then, the duo continues to be on a hot streak, both romantically and professionally together.

Having also just released their other new film, Good Mourning, Megan and MGK (whose real name is Colson Baker) have spent a lot of time together lately and have processed some emotional trauma, namely with the punk rocker reliving some more challenging times during production.

“Because of the way that I grew up, I kind of push away everybody and every situation that has a positive outcome because I just kind of perceive myself as unworthy or low or undeserving and that’s been implemented since childhood,” MGK said according to an Us Weekly report last month.

“I’m learning a lot more about my childhood now and why I’m made like that. I have a real problem accepting happiness and it’s healthy watching it on screen to remind yourself like, ‘OK, yeah, you don’t want to end up like that guy.’ I always have a weird way of writing things on paper that come true.”

Megan and MGK have yet to officially announce the exact date of their wedding, though it seems likely that the event will take place before the year’s end, despite rumors that the pair was on the rocks.

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