Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly announce engagement — Here’s the weird way they made it official

machine gun kelly poses with megan fox in selfie
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have announced their engagement. Pic credit: @machinegunkelly/Instagram

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have officially become engaged, and they made their engagement official in a way that caught many people off guard.

The proposal included a particular location for the couple and drinking blood to make things official, according to a social media post from Fox.

The two have been a couple for over a year now, and the arrival of their engagement comes not long after Megan finalized her divorce from actor Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox announces engagement to Machine Gun Kelly

In a video shared on her official Instagram page, actress Megan Fox let the world know of her engagement to musician Machine Gun Kelly. 

Fox appeared in the video wearing a black bra with a matching maxi skirt. MGK had on a sequin black and white striped sweater as he asked Fox to marry him.

Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, kneels on one leg at the top of a small set of steps as he presents a ring to an overjoyed Megan Fox. She says yes to the proposal, and he slides the ring onto her finger before the two kiss.

In her caption, Fox indicates that the proposal happened under a special Banyan tree that the couple had sat under in July 2020, where they “asked for magic.”

“We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short, frenetic period of time,” her caption says. “Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would require from us but intoxicated off of the love. And the karma.”

“Somehow a year and a half later, having walked through hell together, and having laughed more than I ever imagined possible, he asked me to marry him,” Fox wrote in her Instagram post.

“And just as in every lifetime before this one, and as in every lifetime that will follow it, I said yes.…and then we drank each other’s blood,” Fox ended her caption with along with the date “1.11.22.”

Fans react to Megan Fox and MGK engagement

As one might expect, the way Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly officially became engaged isn’t what most people are used to seeing. Typically, there’s someone on one knee giving a short speech expressing love and admiration, followed by the popping of a question with a ring in hand.

That was there, but the “drank each other’s blood” is rarely mentioned in most people’s proposal stories. That said, Fox and MGK are a unique couple. The description of their engagement prompted many people to comment about it on Fox’s Instagram post.

“The end of the caption pls,” a fan commented along with a “dead” emoji, as they were asking for clarification.

fan comments megan fox and machine gun kelly engageement
Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagrarm

“Literally the weirdest choice of words… whyyyyy ?,” another fan commented on the Instagram post.

megan fox machine gun kelly engagement brings fan comments
Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Many individuals offered congratulations to Fox for the engagement, although some still questioned the drinking blood aspect of things.

fan congratulates megan fox mgk on engagement news
Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Another commenter flat out asked the question that was probably on many people’s minds after reading Megan Fox’s caption.

fan comments about megan fox ig post engagement
Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Several celebrities stopped by to offer congratulations, including Kim Kardashian, who said she was happy for the couple.

kim kardashian congratulates mgk and megan fox
Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

“Congratulations,” Addison Rae commented with a heart emoji for the couple.

addison rae congratulates mgk and megan fox on engagement
Pic credit: @meganfox/Instagram

Machine Gun Kelly shows off engagement ring

On his official Instagram, Machine Gun Kelly shared a video featuring the engagement ring he gave to Megan Fox when he asked for her hand in marriage.

“yes, in this life and every life” ? beneath the same branches we fell in love under, i brought her back to ask her to marry me. i know tradition is one ring, but i designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birth stone) and the diamond (my birth stone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love. 1-11-2022,” MGK’s caption reads.

Per Bazaar’s report, the ring features two pear shape diamonds. One of them is white while the other is emerald. There’s also a silver, double diamond-encrusted band on the sparkling engagement ring.

Fox began dating MGK as divorce was finalizing

There had been weeks of speculation that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were dating back in 2020. In June of that year, MGK confirmed that Fox was his “girlfriend” after she appeared in his music video, according to HuffPost.

Fox married actor Brian Austin Green in June 2010, but things fell apart. By 2015, Fox had filed for divorce, but they reconciled and were back together the following year. While they ended their first divorce proceedings in 2019, they soon filed for divorce again, and it became finalized in November 2020.

Megan Fox shares three children with Green, sons Noah Shannon, 8, Bodhi Ransom, 6, and Journey River, 4. Machine Gun Kelly has one child from his previous relationship with Emma Cannon, Casie Colson Baker, who is 12 years old.

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