Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly warned by vampires about blood drinking

Megan Fox at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations Announcement, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA.
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have received interesting advice from people who claim they are real vampires, warning the couple to be careful about their blood-drinking. ©

The internet has yet another bizarre tidbit to consider regarding the antics of Megan Fox and her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, namely their blood-drinking habits.

According to the Transformers star’s Instagram page in January, the eclectic and often-peculiar couple sealed their public engagement by drinking each other’s blood. Megan shared the news with her fans by posting a short video clip of MGK on one knee with a lengthy caption next to it.

Fans responded to the news with a range of emotions, with many finding the ritual of drinking blood unsavory.

Now, those fans may feel a sense of vindication after reports have surfaced that a certain subset of the population is in agreement with them.

Megan Fox and MGK warned by vampires about drinking each other’s blood

According to TMZ, people who identify as real vampires have taken the call to alert the couple about consuming blood, at least not before taking extra safety precautions first.

Although Megan and MGK have yet to call themselves vampires, many fans have already slapped the label on the duo as they seem to have no trouble consuming each other’s bodily fluids of the red, viscous kind.

Others who describe themselves as living examples of the blood-sucking creatures made famous by books such as Count Dracula and shows such as The Vampire Diaries and True Blood have now spoken up about the strange rituals the actress and her musician beau take part in.

TMZ shared that Belfazaar Ashantison, the co-founder of The New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA), recently suggested that the couple be a little warier of drinking blood next time.

He reportedly urged the pair to test the blood first for any diseases, including testing for potential diseases and blood-borne illnesses, adding that it’s probably a good thing Megan and MGK have been together long enough that this aspect may not be as much of a concern now.

Warnings from two heads of vampire groups

Another purported vampire, Father Sebastiaan, the founder of Endless Night Vampire Ball, has also come out with a cautionary warning for the couple, saying that it’s important to draw blood from the body safely, saying that the withdrawal of blood would best be handled by professionals versus by self-inflicted wounds.

Both heads of the vampire groups apparently admitted to the magazine that as long as Megan and MGK take part in blood-drinking under their stricter guidelines, sucking down each other’s fluids is a perfectly safe thing for adults to do together.

While engagement blood-drinking appears to be one of many times that Megan and MGK have enjoyed drinking blood, perhaps the couple will heed the latest warnings and proceed more carefully in the future.

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