Kanye West remains silent on social media after Grammys ban, Coachella petition hits 30k

Kanye West photographed in new york city
A petition to remove rapper Kanye West from Coachella has racked up tens of thousands of signatures. Pic credit: ©

For the past several months, social media has given Kanye West an audience to broadcast his thoughts about his divorce from Kim Kardashian, her boyfriend Pete Davidson, and others he’s called out.

However, after a 24-hour Instagram suspension and getting removed from the Grammys as a performer, Ye has remained silent on his social media, prompting many to wonder what his next moves may be.

It may not be performing at Coachella, as a petition has gained traction to have him removed as a headliner from the lineup of performers, weeks after he threatened to quit the show.

Petition to remove Kanye from Coachella gains traction

A petition to remove Kanye West as one of the upcoming Coachella performers surpassed 25,000 signatures and neared 30,000 on Tuesday morning. It was started over a week ago by a user named Caramello Marie, indicating Kanye’s actions towards others were the reason for the petition.

“We have watched Kanye harass, manipulate, and hurt Kim, Pete, and others for over a year now. No one seems to want to stand up to him, and the ones that do, he puts under fire as well,” the petition’s description says.

It also mentions that he’s threatened bodily harm to others and that any companies supporting the rapper right now shouldn’t allow him to continue with those activities.

“Coachella (along with other brand names that are still working with him) should be ashamed of themselves and should not be giving him any more of a platform,” the description says.

The petition currently states a goal of 35,000 signatures, with more individuals signing by the hour. A screenshot of the petition ahead of the 30,000 signatures mark appears below.

petition to remove kanye west coachella change org
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Over the past several months, West’s activities have included sharing numerous posts to his official Instagram page where he mocked or even threatened “Skete,” his nickname for ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Along with the social media posts, he’s also made perceived threats in rap lyrics and a music video. That included his line about “God saved me from that crash. Just so I could beat Pete Davidson a**,” in the song Eazy which also features The Game.

The music video, released weeks ago, featured animated versions of West and Davidson. Ye kidnaps Davidson, throws a bag over his head, and buries him alive in the video. The video also alludes to the SNL star getting decapitated.

While Kanye defended his video as art, others have seen it differently, believing the video crossed the line.

West removed from Grammys after Instagram ban

The Coachella petition arrived ahead of claims made by Kanye’s friend and associate, The Game, revealing that West had been removed from the lineup of performers for the upcoming Grammy Awards. Trevor Noah is the show’s host, whom West directed a slur towards in one of his Instagram posts.

Following that post, West received a 24-hour Instagram ban due to violating the platform’s policies. That suspension lasted from last Wednesday into Thursday. Once the ban ended, it seemed that West or someone else removed all of the posts that had been live on his page. As of this writing, he hasn’t shared anything new to his page since then.

The controversial rapper was revealed among headliners for Coachella earlier this year, along with Swedish House Mafia, Harry Styles, and Billie Eilish. Weeks ago, Ye got into a feud with Eilish after she stopped her concert to make sure a fan was okay. The rapper felt Eilish made a comment during her show, which was a shot at his friend Travis Scott about last year’s Astrowold Festival tragedy.

West demanded Eilish apologize, threatening to quit Coachella if she didn’t. If the petition moves the music festival’s organizers to take action, West won’t have the option to quit, as he’ll get removed instead.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17, and Friday, April 22 through Sunday, April 24. As of this report, West is listed as a headline act on Coachella’s website for the 17th and 24th.

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