Johnny Depp trial continues after judge denies Amber Heard’s motion to dismiss

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married from 2015 to 2017. Pic credit: ©

As the public trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues, it seems that some parties wanted it to end early — but couldn’t convince the judge to agree.

Amber’s team says that her claims of domestic violence are true; that Depp did abuse her, even if it wasn’t physical.

On Tuesday, Heard’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss several of Depp’s claims, arguing that there was no proof that Heard ever acted with malicious intent with her op-ed piece that started it all.

Although it is apparently typical for legal teams to file motions for dismissal for claims during these cases, TMZ reports that the judge on the case denied the dismissal except for the one about Heard’s op-ed, which the court will circle back to at a later time when that piece of evidence is introduced.

In the meantime, Heard will take the stand to give her side of events.

Amber Heard takes the stand in defamation case

Heard took the stand on Wednesday to tell her side of the story and attempt to prove that Depp was the violent one in their relationship, not her.

She spoke of several times in which she claims Depp acted violently towards her and even claims that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor hit her on more than one occasion with no provocation.

According to CBS, Heard testified the two met and had an immediate spark while filming The Rum Diary. Despite their age difference of 22 years, the two clicked but took things slow. They started dating after the film’s release in 2011 and kept their relationship a secret for a while.

However, the chemistry soon became violent, she claims, when she was looking at his tattoos. Allegedly, she asked him about his Wino tattoo and laughed, which caused him to slap her across the face three times. Depp claimed in his testimony that this was not a true story and that it would be odd for him to be so upset about a tattoo.

The allegations of violence don’t stop there and even bring up incidences of Depp’s alleged substance abuse.

Amber Heard opens up on Johnny Depp’s drug abuse, sexual assault during trial

As Heard continued her testimony, she spoke of times Depp used drugs and even pressured her to use drugs and spoke of his erratic behavior when he was drinking.

At one point, Heard said that Depp, his children, and herself were on his boat before he sold it to author J.K. Rowling, and he was scaring his children with the way he was acting. Heard claims he had been drinking a lot during this time.

Heard claims that Depp has slammed her against their wall and held her by her neck, forced sexual actions, and threatened to harm her several times.

One claim of sexual assault alleges that Depp forced Heard to perform oral sex, however during psychological testing as part of her psychological evaluation, Heard denied this claim.

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