Emily D. Baker from Depp v. Heard: Who is the YouTuber from the Netflix docuseries?

The docuseries Depp v. Heard on Netflix is a three-episode portrayal of the social media uproar surrounding Johnny Depp’s defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Since its release on the streaming platform, viewers have expressed interest in a YouTube personality named Emily D. Baker. The series showcases Baker and includes several YouTube personalities (and


Depp v. Heard on Netflix: Did Amber Heard pay Johnny Depp his money?

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was a highly unusual event. The courtroom atmosphere had the internet in a stir, even with rumors Depp was dating his lead attorney (he wasn’t). The Netflix docuseries Depp v. Heard highlights how it became a media spectacle, with even social media influencers like YouTubers and


10 celebrities that ditched their spouse for a fling with a co-star

Celebrities aren’t exempt from workplace affairs. Over the years, there have been plenty of big-name stars who traded their relationships with their significant others for one with a co-star. Whether it was on a movie set or filming for a TV series, plenty of superstars have committed adultery with a co-worker. Oftentimes, celebs just can’t


Amber Heard renting out luxury villa in Spain with a fake name

Amber Heard, who has been spending time on the Spanish island of Mallorca, used the name of a woman named Martha Jane Cannary to rent a luxury villa. The 18th-century sharpshooter is better known as Calamity Jane and was a known acquaintance of the notorious gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok. The actress has kept a low


Amber Heard spotted in Spain with her daughter months after Johnny Depp defamation trial

Amber Heard spent time in Spain with her daughter Oonagh months after the defamation trial opposite her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The 36-year-old actress has been keeping a low profile after appearing in an interview after Depp won all three counts of defamation against her. After millions viewed the trial, the Aquaman actress’s public image took


Johnny Depp inks 7-figure deal with Dior as unsealed court documents cause a stir

Johnny Depp has reportedly signed a multi-year, lucrative contract with Dior as the actor continues his comeback tour. However, the unsealed documents from the defamation trial between the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard have caused quite a stir on social media. During the six-week trial earlier this year,  Depp fans claimed Dior was one


Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard is a former escort in unsealed court docs

Johnny Depp wanted Amber Heard’s past as an exotic dancer and rumors that she was an escort brought up in court, unsealed documents revealed. About 6,000 pages of documents filed in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case were unsealed over the weekend. The docs reveal details about the former Hollywood couple that couldn’t be


Johnny Depp counters Amber Heard’s appeal over defamation verdict

Johnny Depp’s legal team countered Amber Heard’s appeal of the jury verdict with one of his own. This is the latest legal battle between the former Hollywood couple following their live-streamed defamation trial.   In early June, the jury decided unanimously that the Pirates of the Caribbean star was defamed on all three counts relating to


Amber Heard loses again as judge denies fraud in Johnny Depp trial

A US judge has denied Amber Heard’s appeal for a new trial in her defamation case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The actress sought to argue that there was improper juror service. This comes shortly after The Pirates of the Caribbean star’s lawyers responded with a legal filing of their own. Defamation Judge rejects Amber