Amber Heard renting out luxury villa in Spain with a fake name

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Amber Heard pictured at a Los Angeles fashion event. Pic credit: ©

Amber Heard, who has been spending time on the Spanish island of Mallorca, used the name of a woman named Martha Jane Cannary to rent a luxury villa.

The 18th-century sharpshooter is better known as Calamity Jane and was a known acquaintance of the notorious gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok.

The actress has kept a low profile following the Johnny Depp defamation trial earlier this month in May.

She has been spending time with her daughter and friends in Mallorca, and the local community has spoken to a Spanish newspaper about her presence there.

El Mundo reports that Heard has been living in a rural town, and locals reportedly noted that she speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent.

It appears Amber Heard is looking for a life away from the spotlight in the small town of Costitx, but it wasn’t long before the paparazzi caught up with her.

Heard has reportedly been living in the quiet town of a little over 1,200 residents for several months.

“Everyone here treats her like one of the others; in fact, she’s been in this town for months without anyone knowing,” a Grocery store owner in the town, Miguel, told El Mundo.

Locals note that the Aquaman actress “speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent” and described her as “polite.”

Due to the publicity of the Depp vs. Heard defamation trial, it wasn’t long before some locals recognized her.

“I saw her and knew who she was; I checked it on the Internet… but we didn’t say anything. We don’t bother anyone here, everyone lives their own life, and we don’t mess with the people who come,” a local told the Spanish outlet.

At the beginning of the year, Heard spent some time in Palma de Mallorca but tried to throw the paparazzi off her scent by claiming she was in Madrid, according to El Mundo.  

The actress reportedly walks around the town in casual clothes and with a baby carrier for her daughter. She does not throw parties and socializes with other parents.

Amber Heard is renting a $2.7 million villa owned by a disgraced politician

The home Heard is renting is over 5,000 square-foot villa that was renovated and is surrounded by old buildings.

It is reportedly equipped with an infinity pool, surround sound electronics by Bang & Olufsen, and other amenities.

It is unclear how much the actress is paying to rent the villa, but it was reportedly removed from a website advertising it for sale.

The villa is owned by a former politician, Maria Antònia Munar, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption and was released in 2020.

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