Jess Margera says brother Bam Margera is ‘dying’ amid addiction battle

Bam Margera up close
Bam Margera’s brother Jess shared a cryptic message about the former skateboarder’s health. Pic credit: © Hufziger/PHOTOlink

Bam Margera’s brother shared a cryptic message about the former pro skater that has some fans concerned and confused.

Jess Margera took to his private Instagram to share a snapshot of the two together, likely during better times.

Jess wrote, “I hope none of you ever have to hurt as much as me right now. He is dying and there is nothing I can do about it.”

The original post has since expired or been deleted, but Jess hasn’t been silent about the situation.

This share comes after a long string of events for the two brothers as Bam allegedly assaulted Jess, evaded police, and was offered rehab help.

Although Jess has expressed concern for his brother and wants Bam to get better, he has also expressed his frustration at the situation and additional concerns about his brother.

Jess Margera informs fans of a potential lawsuit against brother Bam Margera

Jess didn’t hold back over the weekend as he went into some of the possible legal issues his brother could face, namely a lawsuit.

Jess told his fans on Twitter that he “might have permanent hearing damage” from the assault, adding, “If that’s the case all of my band’s upcoming touring income he will be sued for and I will f*g win. I’m not a fun enemy to have.

Jess Margera's tweet about hearing loss
Pic credit: @jessmargera/Twitter

He later clarified that if Bam was sued, it wouldn’t just be between them, and it’s not just about the hearing damage.

Jess states that if there is a suit (or suits) filed, “it will be every band member from every band’s lost income from canceling, crew members, tour bus companies, management commissions, concert promoters, booking agencies and accountants.”

Jess Margera's tweet explaining who could sue brother Bam Margera
Pic credit: @jessmargera/Twitter

While Jess has maintained concern for his brother, it’s clear that he isn’t letting Bam off with no consequences for his actions, either.

Bam Margera’s last update: ‘[Meth] results negative’

Despite Jess’s cryptic message about his brother dying, the last health update from Bam’s attorney indicated that he’s “in good health and in good spirits.”

Along with his attorney’s recent message, it was revealed over the weekend that Bam quit drinking once again, an addiction that the former pro skater has struggled with for several years.

Letting go of the alcohol came with another positive as well as Bam was pleased to announce that he had a negative drug test for meth and appeared to be completely sober.

Although looks can be deceiving, Bam’s personal updates point to the star being on the road to recovery despite his recent troubles.

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