Lamar Odom offers Bam Margera an invite to his rehab facility amid Jackass star’s legal troubles

Lamar Odom and Bam Margera
Lamar is extending an offer to Bam amid his troubles. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia/Acepixs

While Bam Margera is reportedly battling substance abuse issues and legal troubles, Lamar Odom is willing to lend a hand to the Jackass star.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Bam, real name Brandon Margera, went on the lam following an alleged meth-fueled altercation with his brother, Jesse Margera.

Bam has since surrendered himself to Pennsylvania police, four days after the incident in which he purportedly injured his brother Jesse and threatened to kill some of his family members.

Bam issued a statement on his private Instagram page, calling his brother’s accusations “false.”

“I just got out of the courthouse with my lawyers,” Bam wrote. “Everything went great and the false accusations of what my brother says are not true and he will be sued for defamation as well as being evicted from castle bam sooner than later.”

Once the word hit the street about Bam’s ordeal, another former reality TV star, Lamar Odom, offered his two cents on Bam’s situation, along with an offer of help.

Lamar, who is a recovering addict himself, co-owns and operates three residential wellness centers — Odom Wellness Treatment Centers — aimed at helping those suffering from addiction to recover.

TMZ caught up with Lamar recently and asked him to chime in on Bam’s recent run-in with the law and apparent drug problem.

When asked whether he had any advice for the former MTV star, Lamar asked, “Well, does he have God in his life? A relationship with Jesus Christ will help.”

Lamar continued, “But, um, if his problem is alcohol and drugs, I would wanna reach out my hand to him and give him a [bed] in my facility.”

Lamar admitted to the reporter that he’s “been through it” himself and noted that if Bam wants the help, “it’s there for him.”

“I’m reaching out my arms to him,” the former NBA star added. “All he has to do is show up.”

Lamar ended with a message for Bam: “I love him, and just stay strong.”

Lamar founded Odom Wellness Treatment Centers after his own addiction struggles nearly killed him

Lamar’s wellness centers focus on viewing sobriety as a lifelong commitment. The L.A. Clippers alum refers to his support group at his program as “The Entourage” and credits them with steering clear of places and activities that would trigger his addiction.

The ex-husband to Khloe Kardashian faced some rough times, like Bam. In 2015, he suffered a nearly fatal overdose at a brothel in Las Vegas.

Lamar detailed his experience in his book, Darkness to Light.

“There was an unholy concoction of cocaine, cognac, and cannabis coursing through my veins,” Lamar wrote. “My heart stopped twice. I had 12 seizures and six strokes. My lungs collapsed, and my kidneys ruptured. I was on life support.”

In 2019, Lamar told PEOPLE that despite his harrowing ordeal and the struggles of staying sober, he has a newfound appreciation for life.

“[The overdose] made me realize I couldn’t live the way I’d been living. Life is too good,” Lamar told the publication.

Meanwhile, a judge set Bam’s bail at $50,000, and the Viva La Bam star is scheduled to appear in court at the end of May.

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Karen Nation -Fenimore
Karen Nation -Fenimore
1 year ago

I hope Bam goes into rehab to get him self better