Bam Margera quits drinking, says he’s clean from meth: ‘The results are negative’

Bam Margera close up shot
Bam Margera quit drinking. Pic credit: ©

Bam Margera is clean and sober, and now he wants the world to know about his new perspective.

The Viva La Bam star has dominated headlines for the past month amidst a series of troubling incidents, including an alleged assault on his brother and fleeing from the police.

Bam turned himself in on Thursday, and on Friday, he declared he was clean from meth.

Not only that, but Bam also stated that he quit drinking, the source of his problems for more than a decade.

It’s worth noting that Bam quit drinking multiple times, including a few months ago when he went on a ventilator for COVID-19.

However, Bam seems upbeat about the trajectory of his life. 

Bam Margera quit drinking and shows a clean drug test

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Bam’s brother, Jesse Margera, claimed that Bam was smoking meth and assaulted him.

TMZ found a comment from Bam’s private Instagram, where he dissed his brother, Jesse, claiming Jesse defamed him.

Additionally, Bam posted a picture from an urgent care facility, where he received a clean drug test, showing he wasn’t using methamphetamines.

According to Bam, Jesse’s meth allegations against Bam were false.

He wrote, “But when I wear to god and Phoenix the wolfs life I’m not, I went with my lawyers to urgent care. Guess what Jesse margera. The results are negative. Now you will be evicted from castlebam sooner than later. Get your f***in s*** out HOMOner. Oh wait… not no more.”

As Bam revealed, he planned to evict Jesse from his home, Castle Bam.

As for Bam, this announcement of Bam’s journey toward sobriety is a significant step in his personal and professional life. It highlights the importance of seeking help and making positive changes.

Bam Margera turns himself in after four days on the run

After Bam received accusations of an alleged assault, he went on the run with his girlfriend and an eight-year-old child.

Meanwhile, Jesse claimed he was worried about Bam, whom he alleged was using meth.

A warrant for Bam’s arrest was issued in Pennsylvania, with authorities searching for the troubled reality star. 

Bam surrendered to the police on Thursday, four days after Sunday’s alleged altercation against his brother, Jesse. He arrived in court with his lawyers, and the judge set his bail at $50,000.

Bam will return to court at the end of May.

Now, Bam has paperwork that he said proved his sobriety from meth.  Additionally, he has quit drinking, which should play favorably in court next month.

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