Bam Margera surrenders to police after alleged assault

Bam Margera
Bam Margera has surrendered to police. Pic credit: ©

Bam Margera is no longer a wanted man — after the MTV alum surrendered himself to Pennsylvania authorities following a brief time on the run.

The skateboarding star has been making headlines all week following a reported incident involving his brother, Jesse Margera, which led to a warrant for Bam’s arrest.

Bam, who was accused of an alleged assault, originally went on the run but has now surrendered to the police in Pennsylvania, and, in true Bam style, he has a few words about the situation.

Bam surrendered to authorities on Thursday, four days after Sunday’s alleged incident.

A warrant for his arrest went out after he was accused of assault, with authorities searching for the troubled reality star.

On Thursday, the Viva La Bam star arrived at court, where the judge set his bail at $50,000.

Bam is set to return to court at the end of May.

Bam Margera releases an update for fans via Instagram

According to TMZ, Bam posted an update about the situation on a private Instagram page.

In the message, Bam reportedly said he would be evicting his brother and suing him for defamation, writing, “I just got out of the courthouse with my lawyers. Everything went great and the false accusations of what my brother says are not true and he will be sued for defamation as well as being evicted from castle bam sooner than later.”

As Monsters and Critics reported, Bam’s brother made some alarming accusations about the former Jackass star in recent days, alleging that Bam assaulted him and threatened to kill his family.

According to Jesse, Bam was using meth and out of control while on the run with his girlfriend and an eight-year-old child.

It seems there is no love lost between Bam and his brother.

Bam first gained widespread recognition as a professional skateboarder and a member of the Jackass crew, known for outrageous stunts on the popular TV show. 

However, in recent years, he has struggled with sobriety and mental health issues.

Bam’s latest legal run-in isn’t his first encounter with the law. Last year, Bam fled court-ordered rehab in Florida, ditching his sober-living accommodations multiple times.

Before that, Bam got fired from Jackass Forever after allegedly failing to adhere to contractual agreements which required his sobriety.

Bam filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination against Paramount Pictures, MTV, Johnny Knoxville, and Spike Jonze, ultimately settling out of court.

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