Elisabeth Moss breaks silence about Scientology, says it is ‘the most misunderstood’

Elisabeth Moss smiling at the camera
Elisabeth Moss discussed her association with the Church of Scientology. Pic credit:

Elisabeth Moss has once again put Scientology in the spotlight after a recent interview in which she claimed the controversial religion is “misunderstood.”

The Mad Men star, who was raised in the Church of Scientology, didn’t appear very open to talking about it, though she claimed that is more due to not wanting audiences to be thinking about her personal life when they watch her on-screen.

Speaking to the New Yorker, Moss said she doesn’t want people to be distracted, claiming, “I feel like, when actors reveal too much of their lives, I’m sometimes watching something and I’m going, Oh, I know that she just broke up with that person, or, I know that she loves to do hot yoga, or whatever it is.”

Elisabeth claimed she doesn’t want to be ‘cagey’ about Scientology

The author of the article wrote, “In my time with her, she had been friendly and accessible,” and Elisabeth confirms this point, saying, “I don’t want to come off as being cagey.” She even says she’s “an open book about it.”

The star of The Handmaids Tale is often criticized for being part of a religion that has been likened to the terrifying Republic of Gilead, featured in the show.

As for their opinions on Scientology, Elisabeth thinks people should “find out for themselves,” though she did say, “And obviously something like religious freedom and resistance against a theocracy is very important to me.”

Elisabeth was accused of leaving the room during Leah Remini award win

While Scientology’s most famous member Tom Cruise is more widely known for his controversial moments regarding the religion, Elisabeth has not been without her awkward public moments in defense of it.

In 2017, Leah Remini, one of the most famous defectors of the church, won a Television Critics Association award for her docu-series exposing Scientology called, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath while Elisabeth was sitting in the audience.

Rumors circulated that Elisabeth left the room as Leah took to the stage to accept her award, however she claims this was not true. “I went to the bathroom. I wish it was more exciting than that.”

While The King of Queens star claims Elisabeth is not allowed to associate with her since leaving the church, Elisabeth said she has “never received any request to talk to her.”

Leah Remini criticized Elisabeth’s comments about Scientology on Twitter

The day after The New Yorker article came out, Leah took to Twitter and posted a clip from her show, also writing, “1. Since there’s talk today about a current celebrity Scientologist, I want to remind everyone that Scientology has a long and cruel history of forcing women in its workforce to have abortions. Hundreds of former Scientologists have spoken out about this.”

Despite Elisabeth’s connection to the Church of Scientology, she will still continue on her show, The Handmaid’s Tale, which was renewed for a fifth season in 2021, though no release date has been given yet.

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10 months ago

It saddens me to hear she is with such a cult (whatever religion if you must) especially after watching Handmaids Tale. Gut wrenching to say the least. She seems like a smart woman but now I feel she might just be mentally weak.