The Invisible Man movie review: Love is blind, and so is abuse

It’s been a few years since Universal attempted their Dark Universe with The Mummy. All things considered, it seemed to be a disaster in every sense of the word, which led to Blumhouse taking a stab at the monster-verse archive. And now, we have The Invisible Man. An unconventional reimagining of the classic story with

The Handmaid’s Tale: Offred receives bizarre proposal from Serena Joy

On this week’s The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, the Commander’s cruel wife Serena Joy has a bizarre proposal for Offred. Offred is finally out of the fetal position inside her bedroom closet and ready to honor the fighting spirit of her missing-in-action-pal Moira, who successfully escaped dressed as a guardian of the Handmaids. But the episode,

Queen of Earth (review)

A good try at a difficult story but a lack of character development leaves us in a vacuum. Writer/director Alex Ross Perry’s urban pot-boiler falls well short of expectations. A high bar was set by avid Elisabeth Moss fans who came to adore her as she stole the show in the blockbuster “Mad Men” TV