Chaney Jones comments on being considered Kim Kardashian lookalike, says she and Kanye don’t talk about her

chaney jones instagram photo
Kanye West’s girlfriend Chaney Jones says she doesn’t see her resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

For the past several months, rapper Kanye West has been spotted with Chaney Jones, and the two appeared to get closer in recent weeks. With her public appearances, many people have mentioned how similar she looks to Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

However, Chaney Jones is saying she doesn’t get why people feel she’s a Kim Kardashian lookalike, and also said Kim’s not even a topic of discussion between herself and Kanye.

Kanye’s girlfriend also got asked about his attacks towards Kim and Pete Davidson and his “mental health” during a quick chat at an airport.

Chaney Jones says she doesn’t see resemblance to Kim K

TMZ recently caught up with Chaney Jones as she was departing an airport to get into a ride. TMZ’s person on the scene quickly brought up how people compare her to Kim Kardashian, asking her thoughts.

At first, she said she didn’t want to comment on it but said, “No, not really,” and laughed when asked if she saw the similarity between herself and Kim.

“We don’t speak about her,” Jones said when TMZ asked if she and Kanye West ever talk about the situation with Kim.

From there, Chaney shut down any further comments about Kim or Kanye, refusing to give her thoughts on Ye’s attacks towards Kim and her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

“I think you should talk to him about that. I don’t want to speak on that,” Jones said.

Jones also wouldn’t comment on Kanye’s mental health when asked about it and walked away to get into her ride from the airport.

Jones has been linked to Kanye since February

While Kanye West was still rumored to be dating Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox, he was spotted publicly with the woman many considered a Kim K clone in early February. Jones was with Kanye for his Donda 2 album listening party in Los Angeles.

Others who attended the party included Ye’s friends Travis Scott and Drake. Jones showed off a look very similar to something Kim K might have used, as she wore a black skin-tight outfit, dark shades, and boots.

She’d appear again with Ye for his bigger event, a Donda listening experience he held in Miami on February 22. Jones was backstage to support Ye during the event but was not part of the show.

That Jones sighting with West was just over a week after the confirmed breakup between Julia Fox and Kanye. West was still sharing Instagram posts related to his situation with Kim K and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Jones has also shared many Instagram posts, but the majority have shown her voluptuous figure, long dark hair, and fashion choices, which have drawn comparisons to Kim.

Jones and West seemed to make their relationship official on social media earlier this month. In an Instagram post, Jones referred to Kanye as “My love,” with the rapper sharing a selfie of them. West also commented about the image, using a heart emoji.

As of this report, West has removed all his Instagram posts, following his 24-hour suspension from the platform. Jones currently has an Instagram post from “date night” featuring photos of herself with Kanye, from when she attended a Los Angeles Lakers game with the rapper.

Based on her latest comments to TMZ, Chaney Jones and Kanye West are still together, but all the Kim Kardashian comparisons and discussion aren’t anything she’s focused on.

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