Geoffrey Paschel’s girlfriend Mary has also been arrested for domestic violence

One of the biggest controversies this season on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days involved Geoffrey Paschel and his criminal record. Many fans wanted him kicked off the show and even started a petition to demand his removal. Then, things went left when Varya rejected his proposal, not wanting to rush into a wedding.


John Cusack says he was attacked, pepper sprayed during Chicago protests

Actor John Cusack was the latest celebrity allegedly attacked by the police during the protests across the United States. The actor posted on social media that he had spoken to several police officers and saluted them for not escalating the violence during the protests. Cusack said several police officers said they understood the rage of


Rapper Killer Mike pleads with Atlanta protesters not to destroy their city [Video]

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has called on Atlantans protesting the death of George Floyd to stop destroying their city. Killer Mike’s plea follows days of protests in several cities across the country. Protesters have clashed with police in Minneapolis and other cities, including Atlanta and Los Angeles, while rioters engaged in looting and vandalism. The protests


Malia White teases Below Deck Med Season 5 is full of ‘shocking twists’

Malia White is teasing that Below Deck Med Season 5 is full of shocking twists and turns. The first female bosun is returning to reality TV with a new attitude and a new outlook on yachting. Malia is putting all the romance drama and screaming matches behind her to prove she has earned the right


Below Deck Mediterranean: Captain Sandy impressed by Malia but not chef Kiko

Bravo has released two previews for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 ahead of the highly anticipated premiere. The clips feature Captain Sandy Yawn dealing with two very different situations. One clip focuses on Malia White’s arrival onto The Wellington. The other features charter guests who are not thrilled with hef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran’s cooking. Malia


Paris Jackson and Halsey were among celebrities who joined Los Angeles protesters

Paris Jackson and singer Halsey (Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) were among celebrities who took to the streets in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest the death of George Floyd in the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti reacted to the civil unrest by calling for an overnight curfew. George Floyd died


Tyler Perry asks protesters to ‘stop the violence,’ blames outside forces

As cities in the United States burn as protesters destroy businesses and personal property in the name of George Floyd, Tyler Perry has stepped up and asked the violence to stop. Perry took to social media to make his plea and said that the protests don’t need violence, and then he blamed outside forces for


Cindy Blackman Santana recreates Imagine, Yoko Ono responds

Carols Blackman Santana teamed up with her husband, guitar maestro Carlos Santana, to re-imagine the classic John Lennon song Imagine. After the two released a video of the song, Yoko Ono issued a statement in response to the new version of Lennon’s song. Yoko One talks Santana’s Imagine Yoko Ono loved Cindy Blackman Santana’s version