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John Cusack says he was attacked, pepper sprayed during Chicago protests

John Cusack says he was attacked, pepper sprayed during Chicago protests
John Cusack said police attacked him in Chicago. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Featureflash

Actor John Cusack was the latest celebrity allegedly attacked by the police during the protests across the United States.

The actor posted on social media that he had spoken to several police officers and saluted them for not escalating the violence during the protests.

Cusack said several police officers said they understood the rage of the protesters.

However, things went wrong after that.

John Cusack said police attacked him during protests.

John Cusack was using his phone to film what was happening during the protests in Chicago.

That is when the police reportedly attacked him.

Cusack said the police began to hit his bicycle and “came at me with batons.” According to the 53-year-old actor, the police said they were doing it because he was “filming a burning car.”

Cusack also said that the police officers hit him with pepper spray.

Here is the video of the police attacking John Cusack and his bike and a later video of the same police officers watching him from a distance after this happened.

In a later tweet, Cusack said that the police did a great job of deescalating the violence. He said when the bridges raised and a perimeter rose around Trump Tower, things “dramatically changed rapidly into chaos.”

John Cusack also later posted a frightening video showing violence that he compared to a scene from the movie Joker.

In a scary post, Cusack predicted that this violence and destruction was going to last longer, possibly into the next week.

Cusack said that no one recognized him, including the police, since he was wearing his mask for protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cusack said he also filmed looters breaking into stores.

Protests around America heating up

The protests taking place around the country have brought out a lot of celebrities, both those protesting alongside the people and those who want it stopped.

Tyler Perry reached out on social media and asked people to stop the violence in the protests. Perry believes that outside forces, possibly white supremacists, are trying to agitate the situation to start a race war.

Meanwhile, other celebs like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen, and more are speaking out about the police brutality and the ongoing protests, with some offering up their own money to help bail the protesters out of jail.

With the violence heating up around the country, and even famous celebrities targeted, it seems things are getting very scary in many towns right now.

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