Tyler Perry asks protesters to ‘stop the violence,’ blames outside forces

Tyler Perry asks protesters to 'stop the violence,' blames outside forces
Tyler Perry has asked for the violence to stop. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

As cities in the United States burn as protesters destroy businesses and personal property in the name of George Floyd, Tyler Perry has stepped up and asked the violence to stop.

Perry took to social media to make his plea and said that the protests don’t need violence, and then he blamed outside forces for the escalation of tensions.

Tyler Perry asks to ‘stop the violence’

Tyler Perry posted on Twitter on Saturday that the violence needs to stop. He also said that looting is not the answer.

I’m not in Atlanta, but if I were I would have been standing with our Mayor! But there was nothing I could say better than what Mayor @KeishaBottoms said last night! Please, please stop this violence!! Looting is NOT THE ANSWER!!!!”

Perry went on to say that there are outside forces, some not even in the United States, posting about protests with the sole purpose of escalating violence.

Perry wants people to listen to where they are getting their information when it comes to joining the protests.

Perry said many people are pretending to be part of the protests on social media and through email. He said those people’s entire goal is to increase violence in the United States between law enforcement and minorities.

Perry went on to post another tweet, this one a Facebook post where ABC reported on the Minnesota statement that many of the people involved in the violence in Minneapolis were people from out of state.

There were also several videos of white men in masks who were starting to throw bricks through windows, trying to frame African Americans to start a new race war.

Protests continue across America

Several notable celebrities are joining the protests across America in a peaceful manner.

Taylor Swift stood up against comments that were calling for violence. She was joined by Billie Eilish, who called for peace in the world and pleaded for no further escalation.

Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, and Ben Schwartz all donated money to help bail out the protesters in Minneapolis following the escalating of violence there.

Other celebs taking part in the protests include Halsey in Los Angeles, and she said she is also donating to the bail charities for those arrested during the protests.

Actor Kendrick Sampson also shared a video of police officers shooting gas canisters into crowds of peaceful protestors, asking for a stop to the violence.

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