Below Deck Mediterranean: Captain Sandy impressed by Malia but not chef Kiko

Below Deck Med preview videos show Malia's return and Chef Kiko in trouble.
Chef Kiko is off to a rocky start and Captain Sandy is not happy. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo has released two previews for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 ahead of the highly anticipated premiere. The clips feature Captain Sandy Yawn dealing with two very different situations.

One clip focuses on Malia White’s arrival onto The Wellington. The other features charter guests who are not thrilled with hef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran’s cooking.

Malia is back

It was a shock to fans to find out Malia was part of the Below Deck Med Season 5 cast. However, what viewers don’t know is that Captain Sandy is a big fan of the first female bosun.

Malia walks on the superyacht with confidence and ready to take on the world. She immediately makes a beeline for the captain. Their exchange is a happy one.

Captain Sandy lets Malia know she is impressed by all that Malia has accomplished since the last time she was on the Bravo show. The captain even hints that she hopes Malia is working towards her captain’s license. Then the two ladies chat about Malia’s all-male deck crew, which is going to be quite the challenge for the bosun.

Malia is doing things differently the second time around. She has no intention of getting involved in a boatmance or screaming matches with coworkers. The last resolution may not as easy as Malia hopes, especially when she runs into chief stew Hannah Ferrier.

Chef Kiko’s fish is not appetizing to the charter guests

Chef Kiko is off to a rocky start. He cooks the first charter guests the Brazilian dish moqueca. However, some of the group is not pleased with the meal.

When Captain Sandy asks the guests about their lunch, she learns a couple of them thought the fish was too gooey. She lets them know she is going to speak with the chef to ensure the charter guests are happy with their future meals.

The guests are paying a lot of money for the charter. They deserve to be satisfied with the food.

In the kitchen, chef Kiko is shocked to learn what the group said to Captain Sandy. She immediately asks to try the shrimp to see the texture.

Now the captain isn’t upset at Kiko but makes it clear he has to give the guests what they want. Kiko takes the criticism in stride, but it is not the best first impression.

The wait is almost over for the new season of Below Deck Med. Based on the two preview clips from Bravo, which can be viewed here, fans are not going to be disappointed.

Below Deck Mediterranean premieres Monday, June 1 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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