Who are the Below Deck Med Season 5 cast members?

There are some familiar faces on Season 5 of Below Deck Med.
Captain Sandy is in charge of a few old and new crew members. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo just released the trailer for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5, revealing some new and old cast members. The hit Bravo yachting show is back for another thrilling, drama-filled, and entertaining season.

Season 5 will take place on The Wellington — a 184-foot mega-yacht — which is the largest one to date featured in the Below Deck franchise. The crew will be tooling around the island of Mallorca, Spain, to make sure that guests have the best charter experience ever.

The new season features a female-led cast, with ladies making up the heads of all the departments on the yacht. Let’s take a look at the women in charge, as well as those working for them as part of Below Deck Med Season 5 cast.

Captain Sandy Yawn

The lady at the helm of The Wellington needs no introduction. Captain Sandy Yawn is returning for her fourth season with the show. Fans know she has over three decades of yachting experience under her belt – and knowing all of her departments is a priority number one for the captain.

Captain Sandy likes to keep the mood with the crew light, often telling jokes. She is not a pushover, though. The captain is not afraid to crack down when the crew is getting out of control. This season is no exception, either, based on the trailer footage.

Hannah Ferrier

Chief stew, Hannah Ferrier, has been with Below Deck Mediterranean since Season 1. She is solely focused on running an impeccable interior. Hannah is goal-oriented with an incredible work ethic and thick skin that are necessary when dealing with demanding charter guests.

She has a way of managing her department while still being the life of the party. Hannah is also known for finding herself in the middle of the drama. Chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Sailing Yacht is one person Hannah had issues with previously. Who will be become her nemesis this season?

Malia White

Malia White is also a Below Deck Med veteran, but she is bosun this year, leading an all-male deck crew. Viewers know Malia as part of the heartbreaking love triangle featuring, Adam and Wes Walton that went down in Season 2

She is ready to jump in and take on her new leadership role, after working hard to earn her new position. Malia is not shy about speaking her mind or standing up for herself. It will be interesting for fans to see how she deals with male subordinates who don’t respect her authority.

Hindrigo ‘Kiko’ Lorran

Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran is new to the show but has over ten years’ experience traveling the world and honing his cooking skills. Kiko is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, which has helped him become a renowned chef and yachtie.

He released The Surfer’s Cookbook in 2016, combining his love of surfing and being at sea with cooking. Kiko refers to himself as a “rustic chef” who loves spontaneity and variety. Will some of his creative dishes be too much for the fancy charger guests?

Lara Flumiani

Lara Flumiani is the second stew on the luxury yacht and she fell into the industry by accident. She credits her eye for detail for giving her an edge in the interior department. Laura speaks her mind – especially when other crew members are failing at their jobs.

Laura is a hot-head, and it will get her in trouble this season on the hit Bravo show. Laura is not scared of confrontation, which has helped and hurt her during her ten years in the yachting world.

Jessica More

Jessica More is one of two new stews under Hannah this season. She has had a slew of jobs over the years, including serving drinks in Las Vegas and working in music in Los Angeles. Jessica’s love of surfing and the sea helped her choose yachting.

The Florida native has a laid-back demeanor. She can handle a lot of drama unless she feels disrespected. Jessica is ready to handle any challenge that presents itself. The third stew is open to finding romance on The Wellington if the right person comes along.

Pete Hunziker

Pete Hunziker is the lead deckhand under Malia. He fell in love with yachting as a teenager, thanks to befriending a retired U.S. Navy SEAL. Pete is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard whose life took a turn at age 19 when he became a father.

Shortly after the birth of his son, Pete became sick and was in a coma for weeks. When he woke up, he was determined to be a good father and have a career in yachting. His nickname is “Party Pete,” because, on his days off, he is either at a beach party or a pool party.

Robert Westergaard

Robert Westergaard is a former model who has worked for fashion houses all over the world. After the death of his mother, Robert turned to the sea to help him heal. His love of travel and mechanics helped him to find his way into yachting.

Although he only has a few charters behind him, he is no Parker McCown when it comes to respecting the hierarchy. Robert thinks most boat crew issues arise from lack of communication. The deckhand considers himself trustworthy, dependable, and honest.

Alex Radcliffe

Alex Radcliffe was introduced to yachting thanks to a friend who worked in the industry. He fell in love with the gorgeous destinations and adventurous lifestyle. Alex is a quick learner who hopes to one day become a captain.

The deckhand takes pride in his work, but his stubborn ways can often cause problems. Alex plays just as hard as he works. Friends consider him the life of the party and a shameless flirt. Perhaps Alex and Jessica will embark on a flirty boatmance.

Below Deck Mediterranean returns this summer on Bravo.

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