Below Deck Med bosun Malia White tells fans she has changed since her first time on Bravo show

Malia White is not the same person as she was on her first season of Below Deck Med.
Malia wants fans to know she is not the same person she was during Season 2. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White wants fans to know she has changed since the first time she appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean. Viewers know she brought the drama during Season 2 because of one of the most heartbreaking and memorable love triangles in the show’s history.

Three years later, not only is Malia back on the hit Bravo show, but she is bosun. After the Below Deck Med Season 5 trailer dropped, revealing she was returning and her new title, Malia, took to social media. She wanted to let fans know she is a different woman than before.

Not the same Malia

In her Instagram post, Malia opened up about how much she has grown over the past few years. Life has certainly changed for Malia since she appeared on the Below Deck franchise.

Although she will share more updates with fans during the upcoming season, Malia did spill how much she has grown personally and professionally.

“My life changed after my first season on Below Deck. I left my office job and pursued a career in yachting,” she said in her message. “I’ve grown up, learned & accomplished a lot these past few years, and I’m excited to share my journey from deckhand to Bosun. Hopefully inspiring anyone else who wants to make a change in their life.

Malia is fully aware some people are not big fans of hers considering what she did to Adam Glick and Wes Walton. She knows some fans don’t want her to succeed, but Malia is ready to prove them all wrong.

“People will always come up with reasons why you don’t deserve it or why you’ll fail- prove them wrong! Your past doesn’t have to write your future,” she ended her social media post.

Making Below Deck Med history

Below Deck Mediterranean is making history in Season 5 with all females in charge. Despite the naysayers, Malia is ready to prove she is the right choice for the first female bosun.

Since her last stint on the Bravo show, Malia continued working in the yachting industry. She worked hard, proving her worth and honing her skills as she climbed the ranks over the years. Malia even got her captain’s license.

No, she is not coming for Captain Sandy Yawn’s job. Malisa is perfectly happy to be bosun and can’t wait for fans to see her in a different light.

Will Malia be able to prove she can focus on the job, or will she find herself in yet another romance with one of her hunky cast members?

Only time will tell if Malia really has changed. One thing is for sure. It is going to be another entertaining season of the hit series.

Below Deck Mediterranean returns this summer on Bravo.

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Malia adjudicator
Malia adjudicator
4 years ago

Malia is such a fake! She acts so tough, but thats all it is, an act. She is a deceitful, manipulative shell of a person who got her position through Sandy and brown nosing, not the hellish journey she loves to brag about. For goodness sakes, she didnt even have the nerve to tell Pete directly to stop calling her ‘sweetie’, had to have Sandy do it. My least favorite character on Below Deck.