Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Med talks chartering yachts and taking cruises after coronavirus: ‘Don’t live in fear’

Below Deck Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy is not living in fear from coronavirus pandemic.
Captain Sandy is forthcoming in our explosive interview about life, recovery and Season 5 of Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Med is talking chartering yachts and taking cruises after the coronavirus pandemic.

The infamous captain is telling people to not live in fear of COVID-19 when it comes to planning future vacations.

Her words are not sitting well with some of her fans. Some think Captain Sandy is a bit too optimistic regarding the lasting implications of coronavirus.

Captain Sandy tells people not to be afraid of yachts and cruises

In a video interview with TMZ, Captain Sandy did not hold back expressing her thoughts about the future of yachting once the coronavirus pandemic recedes.

The Bravo star lives at sea for months at a time, so she knows first-hand sea protocols.

Captain Sandy believes the sea protocols that are being put in place to deal with the pandemic will make it safe for people to take a cruise or charter a yacht in the near future.

She thinks people should not live in fear leaving land for an ocean vacation because the danger of infection is the same.

“So going to the grocery store isn’t safe. Are you going to live your life in fear, or are you going to live your life and take precautions?” she shared with the website. “I choose to live my life and take precautions. If I live the rest of my life in fear, then I have no quality of life.”

The Below Deck Mediterranean star also shared some of the protocols in place for yachts and cruise ships.

Along with personnel wearing protective gear, like masks, Captain Sandy shared staff will work “double-time” to keep the vessel disinfected at all times.

Captain Sandy’s words didn’t sit too well with Twitter. Several of the users were in agreement — yachting and cruising sound frightening right now.

Captain Sandy is ready to film next season of Below Deck Mediterranean

The future of the Below Deck franchise is in flux due to the current health climate. Season 8 of Below Deck and Season 5 of Below Deck Med are in the can, but that is it.

Shooting future seasons of the Bravo series’ could be challenging, especially since all three shows film all over the world. The network hasn’t revealed a game plan yet, but Captain Sandy is ready to get back to reality television.

“Listen, the only thing people are doing is watching TV and listening to podcasts, so we’ve got to film! We take temperatures, we sign releases, we get tested, and we stay in quarantine until we go film. That’s what I would do if I was in charge!” the captain shared with TMZ.

The world is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Captain Sandy Yawn wants people to not live in fear of chartering a yacht or taking a cruise. She thinks the chance of infection is not increased on either vessel.

What do you think of Captain Sandy’s words?

Below Deck Mediterranean premieres Monday, June 1 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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