Malia White teases Below Deck Med Season 5 is full of ‘shocking twists’

Malia White is spilling details about Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5.
Malia didn’t see all the drama coming on the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White is teasing that Below Deck Med Season 5 is full of shocking twists and turns.

The first female bosun is returning to reality TV with a new attitude and a new outlook on yachting. Malia is putting all the romance drama and screaming matches behind her to prove she has earned the right to bosun.

Fans have high expectations for the upcoming season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Based on what Malia is dishing, viewers are not going to be disappointed.

The shocking twists and turn will spark strong opinions

In an interview with Showbiz Cheatsheet, Malia expressed the twists and turns of the new season were so extreme, not even she could anticipate the amount of drama that erupted.

The Bravo show is making history with women in all leadership positions. It is going to be quite a change from Season 7 of Below Deck, which was full of misogyny, leaving viewers angry.

“With having a female crew, it’s new to a lot of people,” she shared. “I think you can definitely expect the boys to get some lessons in femininity. Like how to treat girls, especially when they’re your boss. I have to remind the deck team that I am their boss. But eventually, they get the idea.”

Although Malia didn’t spill details, she did admit what is ahead on Below Deck Med will spark strong fan opinions and start healthy conversations.

Malia also expects the season to spar on healthy debates between viewers.

Working with old and new crew members

The bosun admitted her deck team didn’t have any experience in working on the Mediterranean. Malia explained she was shocked because boats run so differently in Med, as she called it.

Plus, many of her crew members had never worked on a yacht as big as The Wellington. At 56 meters, it is the largest yacht to be featured in the Below Deck franchise.

Malia had no reservations regarding working with Hannah Ferrier, despite a rift in their friendship forming at the end of Season 2. It made her feel comfortable knowing she was working with a familiar face.

The bosun was also thrilled to work with Captain Sandy Yawn again. The two women have formed a strong bond.

As for working with the new crew members,  fans will have to tune in to see who she clicks with and who stirs up trouble.

The one thing she did clarify is there will be no romance onboard for Malia. Not only did she learn her lesson from being part of a love triangle, but Malia already has a man in her life.

She is in a long-distance relationship with yacht chef Tom Checketts. They met while working on a boat in Fiji and have been together for two years.

Malia White wasn’t ready for the events that unfolded during the filming of Below Deck Med Season 5, and fans won’t be either.

Below Deck Mediterranean premieres on Monday, June 1 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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