Who is Kathryn Dunn on the Big Brother 21 cast? Social media guru will miss her dog

Kathryn Dunn On BB21 Cast
Kathryn Dunn is a part of the Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

Kathryn Dunn is now a member of the Big Brother 21 cast. She is part of the 16 houseguests who are competing to win the $500,000 this summer. Can she do it?

There are a lot of interesting people within the BB21 cast, which was released by CBS on Monday. In addition to Kathryn, there is a Broadway performer, a petroleum worker, and a model.

During her pre-show interview with former houseguest Jeff Schroeder, she spoke about how she is going to miss seeing pets. Kathryn also mentioned that she will miss her dog more than her family this summer.

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Who is Kathryn Dunn on the Big Brother 21 cast?

Kathryn is a 29-year-old digital marketing executive from Dallas, Texas. She notes that her hometown is Irving and that she is proud of her Texas roots.

Can Kathryn disconnect from social media for an entire summer? She has admitted that she could have trouble doing it, especially since she is addicted to Instagram. She doesn’t watch television and may not have seen many past episodes or seasons of the reality competition show.

Ahead of the show getting started, she made her Twitter account protected and her Instagram private. It will be interesting to see if someone starts posting to those accounts for her while she is playing the game.

New cast of Big Brother 2019 ready

The BB21 start date is on Tuesday, June 25. That’s the first day of a two-night season premiere for CBS. Episode 2 takes place on Wednesday, June 26, and both episodes begin at 8/7c.

Kathryn Dunn is going to try to be one of the Big Brother 21 cast members competing for the entire summer and he journey is about to begin. The new cast will enter the house several days before the first episode airs on CBS.

Big Brother returns for Season 21 on June 25 to CBS. 

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