Who is hosting Big Brother this season? BB21 cast already playing game

BB21 Cast From 2019
Some members of the Big Brother 21 cast still hang out together. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The hosting job for Big Brother has belonged to Julie Chen since the first season of the show. It even remained that way when she signed off an episode of Big Brother 20 as Julie Chen-Moonves.

There had been some drama and rumors about whether or not Julie Chen would return for the summer 2019 season, but CBS made sure to let fans know what is going to take place.

Who is hosting Big Brother this season?

Julie Chen is back as the host. She has already met with the BB21 cast and will re-introduce herself to the CBS audience on Tuesday night (June 25). Regarding the new cast, they are already inside the house and playing the game.

As shown above, Chen has also been very active on her Twitter account recently. During past seasons of the show, she has worked hard to get fans on social media involved in conversations and excitement about the new season. That’s the case again this year.

Chen also revealed a new house tour, showcasing what the BB21 cast has to work with for the summer 2019 season. There are a lot of changes to the layout of the house, including a treehouse on the second floor.

Cast of Big Brother 21 keeps host

There are 16 new houseguests playing Season 21 and its nice that the production team kept some familiarity with the host. Bringing back Julie Chen for at least one more season is a great move and it should help continue the success that the reality competition has had in the ratings.

The first episode of the BB21 schedule is on Tuesday, June 25. It’s a one-hour season premiere, with Episode 2 taking place the following evening (Wednesday, June 26). The episodes are each at 8/7c on CBS, but the schedule shifts a bit when the second week of Season 21 gets started.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday evening to get a first real look at the new cast in action. All 16 of the houseguests are new to the game, so it’s anyone’s game so far. But are there some twists and turns coming during Week 1? It’s almost time to find out!

Big Brother begins summer 2019 with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday night episodes on CBS.



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