When does Law & Order: SVU come back on with next episode? Season 21 return date revealed after cliffhanger ending

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On Thursday night, Law & Order: SVU viewers got a cliffhanger ending to keep them anxiously waiting to see what happens next for the detectives.

With the holiday season approaching quickly, it means the show will take a hiatus. However, there is a Season 21 return date set for the show.

So when does Law & Order: SVU come back on with their next episode? Keep in mind spoilers will follow for those who missed the latest episode.

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SVU episode ends with a major cliffhanger

On the episode called Can’t Be Held Accountable, viewers saw the SVU squad try to shut down a suspected pedophile. The rich suspect was grooming a detective’s underaged daughters by way of a fitness modeling company.

Detective Frank Bucci, played by actor Nicholas Turturro, ended up enlisting the help of the SVU crew by contacting Detective Rollins, whom he knew from previous work.

Unfortunately, due to the suspect having money and power, he managed to elude doing serious time for any of his crimes. Toward the end of the episode, he was able to have a victory party aboard his yacht with the detective’s two daughters among the guests onboard.

Benson and Fin Won't Accept Defeat - Law & Order: SVU

Meanwhile, Detective Bucci burst into an apartment where Rollins was and held her at gunpoint, demanding that something is done about the predator who has his daughters. That leads to a dark screen and “To Be Continued” ending for Law & Order: SVU, with Rollins being held hostage.

When is Law & Order: SVU’s next episode for Season 21?

Unfortunately, fans aren’t going to find out what happens on the show next week, since it’s the Thanksgiving Day holiday. SVU will be on break. There will be Thursday Night Football on NBC instead, as the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons battle on the field.

The SVU break will continue through December. In fact, viewers will have to wait until early 2020 to see what transpires with Detective Bucci, Rollins, and the rest of the tense situation.

The official Law & Order: SVU Season 21 return date is set for Thursday, January 9, 2020, with the new episode called Must Be Held Accountable.

Viewers can watch Law & Order: SVU on January 9, 2020, on NBC at 10/9c.

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