Law & Order Thursdays to take extended holiday break

Law & Order Thursdays are taking a break until 2023. After some notable episodes this past week, all three Law & Order shows are in for their usual mid-season break over the holidays. However, when they return on January 5, all three shows will have some big storylines. Law & Order will have Maroun rocked by


Law & Order recap: Shaw and Price face a broken system

Sometimes, even the best systems can have some terrible failures.  After an episode involving a military murder, Law & Order tackled a case of a convict on the run. That had Shaw in a tricky position as he’d arrested the man before and tried to stop him from making things worse. However, it took a


Mehcad Brooks talks on his personal experiences shaping his Law & Order role

Law & Order’s newest detective is about to feel some personal heat. Mehcad Brooks is previewing this week’s episode, which has his Detective Jalen Shaw facing a specter of his past. The episode has a criminal that Shaw arrested taking hostages as he claims to be innocent. While trying to defuse the crisis, Shaw must


Sam Waterston talks about almost passing on Law & Order role

Sam Waterston may not have wanted to take the role of Jack McCoy, but he’s not giving it up now. The Law & Order star talked about returning to his iconic role as the crusading District Attorney on the long-running hit series. That included admitting he wasn’t sure about taking on the part in the


Is Law & Order new this week? When do new episodes return?

Law & Order Thursdays are taking a break but will be back with notable episodes for their “fall finales.” Each show will be off until Thursday, December 8, for the last batch of episodes before 2023. While the titles of these episodes haven’t been released, each promises some major action for each show.  On Law