Law & Order: Camryn Manheim out ahead of Season 24

Camryn Manheim on Law & Order.
Kate Dixon is leaving Law & Order. Pic credit: NBC

Law & Order may be returning for Season 24 on NBC, but one of its most familiar faces will be gone.

Camryn Manheim’s three-season run on the procedural will end on May 16 with the Law & Order Season 23 finale.

It’s unclear at this point whether Manheim is walking away from the show of her own volition or if she becomes another casualty of the mass exodus plaguing Dick Wolf’s long-running procedural dramas across the broadcast TV landscape.

Manheim was a large part of the revival’s success and has emerged as a fan favorite in the role of Lt. Kate Dixon.

“I had the most incredible experience being a part of the Law & Order Universe, and more importantly the Wolfpack,” the actress shared in an Instagram statement.

“I’m so thankful for the three wonderful seasons that I spent with this wildly talented cast of merry pranksters.”

Camryn Manheim will miss working on Law & Order

The actress went on to name cast members Mehcad Brooks, Reid Scott, Connie Shi, Anthony Anderson, Jeffrey Donovan, Hugh Dancy, Odelya Halevi, Tony Goldwyn, and Sam Waterston as some of those pranksters.

The actress said she “loved showing up for work” and “keeping the boys in line” at the precinct.

“Something wonderful awaits me around the corner, and I can’t wait to see what it is. Until then… Go Knicks!”

Law & Order recently said goodbye to Sam Waterston, who walked away from the long-running drama after clocking in over 400 episodes as DA Jack McCoy.

The door is, of course, open for Waterston’s return, but it’s unclear whether the same can be said for Manheim.

“When a sports star is killed, Shaw and Riley suspect the shooter missed their intended target,” the logline for Law & Order Season 23 Episode 13 teases.

“Baxter’s daughter comes forward as a witness, but her public testimony could impact his re-election campaign with the confession of a family secret.”

Law & Order Season 23 has said goodbye to many cast members

It should be a monumental episode for the series, but we’ll have to tune in to find out how it ends for Kate Dixon.

The series recently welcomed Tony Goldwyn as a replacement for Waterson, so there’s a high chance Law & Order will name another new cast member before Season 24 premieres in the fall.

The season started with Jeffrey Donovan’s Detective Frank Cosgrove’s off-screen departure. Many exits have rocked the show recently.

In other Law & Order franchise news, Law & Order: Organized Crime has been renewed for Season 5, but it won’t air on NBC.

The Christopher Meloni-fronted spinoff has landed a 10-episode order at Peacock.

NBC has confirmed that the second season of Found will take over its slot this fall, making for a very different night of TV on the network.

Law & Order airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC. Stream Seasons 1-23 on Peacock.

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