Treasure chest and stunning news: First two Curse of Oak Island Season 5 episode descriptions revealed

Rick and Marty Lagina from The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
Rick and Marty Lagina in a promotional photo for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

There’s just a week to go until the premiere of The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 — and the descriptions for the first two episodes have finally been revealed.

The premiere next Tuesday, November 7 — which listings show will be a two-hour special — will see a dive being carried out with trouble unfolding as it takes place.

The episode will also see Rick and Marty Lagina embark on the “most ambitious engineering operation” ever seen on the island as they renew efforts to locate the original Money Pit.

The trailers have hinted that the brothers DO find the location of the original Money Pit this season. There have also been several other big finds teased, including a coin, some sort of spike or bone, and a stone fragment.

The description for the premiere also reveals the team are hit by a big loss, which is thought to relate to the tragic death of Craig Tester’s son Drake earlier this year.

Here it is in full:

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Episode 1: Peril strikes during a daring dive; Rick and Marty double down on their efforts to locate the original Money Pit with the most ambitious engineering operation in Oak Island history; the fellowship of the dig is faced with a tragic loss.

Meanwhile the description for the second episode, which airs on November 14, reveals that a treasure chest from the 1700s surfaces — pointing at evidence of pirates having been on the island.

It also sees Rick and Marty received “stunning news” about a discovery from the Money Pit.

Here’s the full second episode description:

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Episode 2: Evidence of pirates on Oak Island mounts after a treasure chest from the 1700s is found; Rick and Marty get stunning news about a find from the Money Pit.

We told last month how a chest surfaces during the season, and the trailers show Marty’s son Alex opening one in the trailer. However, by the looks of the condition it is in it does not look to have been discovered underground. Where it comes from remains to be seen.

Alex Lagina opening a chest
Alex Lagina opening a chest in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer

The season also sees the team uncover three keys to other chests. One key, shown being examined by Rick in the trailers, does not appear to be the same one used by Alex to open the chest.

We also recently told how vast amounts of equipment began arriving on the island towards the end of September, tying in with the description of this year’s operation being the “most ambitious” to date.

Just over a week ago “non-stop activity” was still said to be taking place on the island at levels far higher than what is usually seen at this time of year.

Other things known to take place this season from the trailers include a serious accident where someone looks to be blasted by an out-of-control high-pressure hose, before other members of the crew rush to the man’s aid as he lies on the ground. Footage also shows an ambulance arriving on the island.

Another scene shows Rick examining the inside of some sort of cave by torchlight, while separate footage shows a close-up of what looked like a Templar cross etched into a wall. A huge boulder, which appears to have one flat side, is also seen being removed from the ground by Marty using an excavator.

In case you missed them, make sure to check out the photos from Season 5.

The Curse of Oak Island returns for Season 5 next Tuesday, November 7, on History.

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