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‘This Is Us’ Justin Hartley dishes Kevin’s blowout fight with Randall and Madison baby mama bombshell

Justin Hartley dishes This Is Us Season 4 finale.
There are a lot of changes ahead for Kevin next season of This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

Justin Hartley is dishing about his alter ego Kevin’s blowout with Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and the bombshell that Madison (Caitlin Thompson) is Kevin’s baby mama following the shocking This Is Us Season 4 finale.

It has been one week since viewers were left with a slew of questions about the NBC drama that will remain unanswered until Season 5. The finale was gut-wrenching and jaw-dropping, while still sprinkled with moments of happiness. Thanks, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan), for providing a little joy with the revelation that they will adopt a daughter.

Kevin and Randall’s massive fight

For a couple of months, fans have known that something awful happened between Randall and Kevin. However, it is safe to say viewers were not prepared for the harsh words the Pearson brothers threw at each other.

There is no question Justin and Sterling brought their A-game to the scene. They were brilliant.

Now Justin is sharing his reaction after reading the harsh exchange in the script for the first time.

“I envisioned it like when you’re wielding a knife on someone, and you can either stab them, like a violent stab, like a horror film, or you can just take the knife and slowly let it just go into the gut and just turn it really slowly,” Justin revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

It was Justin’s initial reaction that gave the actor insight into playing Kevin calmy in the scene, as opposed to yelling and screaming.

“If I scream it at you then you might think that I’m just reacting to something, and I’m overreacting. But if I say it and I’m calm, now you know that this is what I actually think,” Justin explained.

The words Kevin and Randall said to each other were brutal. However, the scene apparently worked so well because they did not overreact. The two brothers slightly raised their voices while expressing their true feelings about each other.

Madison is Kevin’s baby mama

Justin also shared his thoughts about Kevin’s future with Madison now that they are having twins together. The hunky star believes there is a possibility Kevin could fall in love with Madison.

“He doesn’t even know her. So just to say that he couldn’t fall in love with her, he doesn’t even know her. So, I think that’s definitely a possibility, for sure,” Justin shared with the weekly magazine.

No, he did not spill whether or not Madison is the pregnant fiancée Kevin references in the flash-forward at the cabin. Justin did say that during the next season, fans will learn more regarding the twins, Madison’s pregnancy, and Kevin’s journey to find love.

Justin Hartley has expressed his initial reaction to Randall and Kevin’s massive blowout, as well as Madison being Kevin’s baby mama. The fallout to both is something fans can look forward to when the NBC show comes back for the next chapter in the Pearson family saga.

This Is Us Season 5 will premiere in fall 2020 on NBC.

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