Milo Ventimiglia reveals his biggest challenge filming This Is Us Season 4

Milo Ventimiglia dishes challenges of filming This Is Us Season 4.
This Is Us hunk Milo Ventimiglia dishes filming secrets. Pic credit: NBC

Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) has revealed the biggest challenge he faced while filming This Is Us Season 4. As the current season of the NBC hit drama winds down, the actor is sharing some fun details regarding the show.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Milo was joined by his on-screen wife, Mandy Moore (Rebecca), to chat about Season 4. The two stars were more than happy to talk about all things Pearson family-oriented.

Milo’s biggest challenge

The talented actor did not hold back when asked about his biggest challenge this season. No, it was not sitting in makeup for hours to bring old Jack to life in Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) various what-if-Jack-lived scenarios.

Milo shared that working with five-year-olds was the biggest challenge for the actor. Not because he doesn’t like kids, but because they are five, and their attention span is very short.

“5-years have probably been my biggest challenge this season. We introduced a younger set of Big 3. And as wonderful as these kids are, it is also like they’re 5. They’re interested in the boom and the camera. My challenge has honestly been just corralling them.” Milo revealed to the website.

Even though working with younger kids presents a  different set of difficulties than working with older kids or adults, Milo just embraces it. After all, they are just kids, and that is part of showbiz.

“You just have to embrace and remember that they’re kids. There are going to be moments where they’ll want to stay in their chair and finish their cookie, and you have to just pick the chair up and fly them onto the set and make sure they’re laughing and smiling, and you’re grabbing the lines that you need,” the actor expressed.

Mandy praises Milo working with children

Many had nothing but praise for her on-screen husband when it comes to dealing with the kids on set.

“You are very good. You are very naturally suited to handle children,” she said during the interview.

The actress also expressed that Milo was the one teaching her how to change diapers when they first began working with the babies on set. Milo appreciated his costar’s praise but attributed his ability to handle kids because he is a big kid himself.

One thing that Milo and Mandy agree on is the more fun they have with the younger kids off-camera, the more it resonates on-camera. It is part of the fascinating working dynamic that has been created on This Is Us.

There are a lot of challenges when filming the hit NBC drama, such as keeping secrets. For Milo Ventimiglia, that is nothing compared to corralling five-year-olds. His answer has made fans fall even more in love with Milo.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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