This Is Us: Pamela Adlon dishes playing Randall’s therapist and working with Sterling K. Brown

This Is Us: Pamela Adlon dishes playing Randall’s therapist and working with Sterling K. Brown
This Is Us guest star Pamela Adlon is praising her character and costar. Pic credit: NBC

Pamela Adlon plays Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) therapist on This Is Us. The talented actress is dishing about her juicy new role as Dr. Leigh and defending her character’s actions in last night’s episode.

Viewers watched as Randall gave two very different versions of what life would have been like if Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) had not died from the fire.

In one version, Randall’s life is perfect, and he solves everyone’s problems. In the second version, Randall distances himself from the entire Pearson family.

Dr. Leigh calls out Randall on several aspects of his version but also forces him to realize the truth regarding his relationship with Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

Pamela loves Dr. Leigh’s brutal honesty

The talented actress was happy to dish to The Wrap regarding Dr. Leigh’s brutal honesty with Randall. She knows fans may not like it, but hey Randall isn’t there for friends.

He is there for help.

Pamela praises the way Dr. Leigh won’t let Randall off the hook and calls him out for blowing smoke.

“I love all of that. And I like that you can’t get mad at her because he goes to get help. He seeks counsel from her,” Pamela said. “And I’m sure people are going get mad at my character because they love Randall so much, but she’s just literally doing her job. She’s doing her job.”

By the end of the session, Dr. Leigh helps Randall realize he is still angry with Rebecca for not telling him about William. It is a challenging thing for him to admit.

Randall would never have understood the issue without Dr. Leigh’s persistence and her reminding him of his mother.

Pamela shared with The Wrap she feels Randall’s push back is all about avoidance. She thinks Randall is afraid of being rejected by Rebecca, and that has been his driving force for decades.

Working with Sterling K. Brown

Sterling gave an outstanding performance during the episode. He brings it every week, but the scenes with Pamela for Randall’s therapy session were phenomenal.

She, too, deserves kudos for a brilliant performance. They each brought their A-game, and it showed in the episode.

“It was one of the most extraordinary experiences as an actor or a person in this industry that I’ve ever had, working with him on those scenes,” she said. “It was watching a master. It was literally breathtaking. I never saw anything like it.

“The amount of time and care that went into shooting the scenes, it felt like we were doing a play, and my jaw was literally on the floor. I could not believe how much he does and gives in every scene.”

Thanks to their fantastic performances, fans are wondering if Pamela and Sterling will be sharing more screen time. Next week is the Season 4 finale of This Is Us, but is she in the episode?

Pamela Adlon didn’t reveal when fans will see her again on screen. She did share that Randall’s therapy journey is far from over.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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