This Is Us flash forward: Fans are losing their minds over old Kevin’s salt and pepper look

Future Kevin on This Is Us has fans drooling.
Kevin ages like a fine wine. Pic credit: NBC

Fans are losing their minds over old Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) salt and pepper look in the latest This Is Us flash forward.

Twitter has been buzzing since the episode aired, giving viewers their first glimpse of Kevin when the family gathers around ailing Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

The past couple of years, This Is Us has teased fans with peaks into the future. First with old Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and then old Toby (Chris Sullivan).

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Next up was older Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), followed by a cleaned up, yet aged Nicky (Griffin Dunne).

Now older Kevin can be added to the mix, leaving Kate (Chrissy Metz) as the final Pearson family member that viewers need to see aged.

Old Kevin is hot

Twitter agrees that older Kevin is smoking hot. Like so many salt and pepper hunks that have come before him — calling Dr. Marc Sloan aka McSteamy (Eric Dane) — fans love Kevin as a silver fox.

There is no question that Justin is a smoking hot man. However, This Is Us has a way of aging their characters with grace, style, and incredibly good looks.

Seriously Rebecca looked fantastic, even laying in bed unaware of her surroundings.

Kevin is in a league of his own, though, and fans are openly gushing over his look.

“Waaaaaiiiiiittttttt. Old Kevin looks like a SNACK,” tweeted one fan.

Others compared aged Kevin to fine wine, claiming he still got it. Another expressed everything was right in the world after that moment on This Is Us.

“kevin pearson becoming a silver fox is all that’s right in the world,” expressed one excited Twitter user.

Old Kevin’s future also looks good

The most recent flash forward not only revealed that older Kevin is still super-hot but also what the future holds for him. Thanks to other glimpses into Pearson’s future family life, fans knew Kevin was a father.

Now not only do they know Kevin aged well, but that he built the dream house designed by his dad Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

Kevin built it on the same land Jack envisioned for the future home of his and Rebecca’s, up the hill from the family cabin.

In true This Is Us fashion, the show has left viewers with more questions than answers by adding to the future timeline.

Where is Miguel? Are Kate and Toby divorced? Who is Kevin’s baby mama? Those are a few of the questions that fans have been dying to have answered since the Season 3 finale.

Fans may not have gotten answers to specific questions, but they did a glimpse of old Kevin, and people agree, he looks good.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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