This Is Us star Justin Hartley talks fan theories about Kevin’s fiancée

This is Us Kevin baby mama theories Justin Hartley weighs in.
Justin Hartley has some thoughts on Kevin’s baby mama. Pic credit: NBC

This Is Us star Justin Hartley is talking about all the fan theories surrounding who Kevin’s fiancée is. The fall-finale flash-forward showed Kevin’s dream of having a family was coming true. Not only is he engaged, but Kevin’s mystery fiancée is pregnant.

The question of who Kevin’s fiancée is has been weighing heavily on fans’ minds since the episode. From the second the credits rolled fans have been throwing around the possibilities of who the woman is that wins Kevin’s heart.

Recently Justin gave his two cents on some of the women fans think could be Kevin’s baby mama.


Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) is hands down the most logical choice to be Kevin’s fiancée. Mostly because viewers love her and Kevin as a couple.

Just like Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), Kevin and Sophie seem to have a great love story quality about them.

The Kevin centric episode proved to fans that the childhood sweethearts belong together, despite her currently being engaged to another man.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the end. I wouldn’t say that [Kevin’s pregnant fiancée] is going to be Sophie. I think we’ve left it in a way where we’ll see what happens,” Justin explained to Entertainment Tonight.


Fans were shocked to see that Kevin had a one-night stand with Madison (Caitlin Thompson). Not only is Madison Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) best friend, but Kevin has never particularly been a fan of Madison’s.

Their tryst now puts Madison as the front-runner for Kevin’s baby mama and fiancée. The flash-forward in the mid-season finale is nine months from Thanksgiving.

Granted fans don’t know how pregnant Kevin’s lady love is but Madison is the first woman he got busy with since announcing he wants a family.

“I don’t think our show would do something like that, show you something like that and then not tell a story to go along with it,” Justin told ET.

The actor confirmed that Madison and Kevin’s storyline will be revisited. No, he did not reveal if Madison is the pregnant mystery woman.


It is a long-shot that Lizzy (Sophia Bush) is Kevin’s fiancée. This Is Us threw fans for a real shocker when they had Lizzy connect deeply with Kevin and then revealed that she is married.

Viewers loved Sophia and Justin’s chemistry and want Lizzy to be the baby mama. Show creator Dan Fogelman could make it happen in a way that fans would adore. As of now though, there is no indication Dan is going that route.

“There are many things that could happen to tell a story of her coming back,” Justin shared.

The hunky star is saying what fans are thinking, Lizzy may still be in the running for Kevin’s baby mama and that is fantastic.

Justin Hartley is letting fans know that no one can be ruled out as Kevin’s pregnant fiancée. Even Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) is a possibility. They hooked up right before Thanksgiving, which puts her in the running.

The one person who is least likely to be the baby mama is Zoe (Melanie Liburd). Unless she and Kevin have a one-night stand in the future, the timing for her to be the pregnant woman in the cabin is unrealistic.

Who do you think is Kevin’s fiancée?

This is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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