The Walking Dead: AMC gauges interest from viewers for a Negan spinoff

Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as Negan, as seen in Episode 22 of AMC's The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as Negan, as seen in Episode 22 of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/Josh Stringer

There has long been speculation that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) might eventually get a spinoff series from The Walking Dead, but now, AMC appears to be seriously considering it.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead recently concluded after AMC issued six bonus episodes. The conclusion to this was the episode titled “Here’s Negan,” which delved into the backstory of Negan.

Many fans declared that this was, by far, their favorite episode for Season 10C of The Walking Dead.

Not only did it share details of why Negan named his bat after his wife, Lucille (Hilarie Burton), but it also gave some scant details about the beginning of Negan’s group thanks to the inclusion of the character Laura (Lindsley Register.)

Now, according to Screen Rant, AMC is seriously gauging interest from viewers regarding this potential series.

AMC survey issued regarding the ‘Here’s Negan’ episode

For viewers who had registered with AMC Popular Culturists to give feedback, a survey was sent out after the “Here’s Negan” episode aired. In it, participants were asked if they were interested in seeing “additional episodes or series exploring Negan’s backstory prior to meeting Rick’s group.”

Comic Book supplied a screenshot of the survey, and from here, it could be seen that the participating viewers were asked to rank their interest. On a scale from one to five (with one being the least likely and five being the most likely), viewers were asked to rank their thoughts on whether they would like to see a new limited series on Negan, additional episodes, or an unlimited series.

As yet, it is unclear what participants rated the options or if AMC is definitely considering a spinoff series based on Negan in the future.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as Negan, as seen in Episode 1 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 7
Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as Negan, as seen in Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 7. Pic credit: AMC/Gene Page

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has spoken out previously about a Negan spinoff

While there is no concrete evidence of a Negan spinoff in development, but there has certainly been discussion about it, according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

When asked on Twitter about the prospect, the star stated that there “are many remote possibilities” when it came to developing a new Negan series. He also revealed during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live that there have “been some talks.”

“I think there’s certainly more story for Negan, I think he’s becoming more interesting in each episode, in fact. So we’ll see,” Morgan added.

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has also been approached regarding Negan’s backstory getting more airtime after the Season 10 finale aired.

“There’s a ton of story in terms of what happens between this and his very first murder monologue, and when our characters cross him,” Kang said after Episode 22 aired.

However, she followed up by stating that a continuation on Negan’s story was not mapped out in Season 11 of The Walking Dead.

“I really hope that that is a story that is told at some point, but it will probably not be on the Walking Dead mothership series,” Kang revealed.

While those involved with The Walking Dead have not definitively confirmed or denied a spinoff series for Negan, it certainly sounds like it is up for consideration. However, viewers will likely have to wait for the results of the AMC Popular Culturists survey and an official announcement before they can fully get excited.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will premiere on August 22 at 9/8c on AMC.

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