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The Irregulars: Everything you need to know about the Linen Man

Promotional still from The Irregulars.
The Linen Man is played by Clarke Peters in The Irregulars. Pic credit: Netflix

Bring on the tears! The ending of the new series The Irregulars was a total sob-fest. Before the show hits its pinnacle of emotions with a heartbreaking revelation from the beloved pairing, Leopold (Harrison Osterfield) and Bea (Thaddea Graham), it introduces tons of questions about the mysterious Linen Man figure.

Appearing in dream sequences throughout the entire series, the Linen Man from the Netflix horror-thriller The Irregulars has left fans with many questions. Here is everything you need to know about the character.

Beware of spoilers ahead.

What happened at the end of The Irregulars?

One of the main characters in the series, Jessie (Darci Shaw) discovers that she can form connections with people by diving into their minds— she is defined as an “ipsissimus” which means she has a very powerful psychic abilities. Jessie uses this power to help her gang investigate into the strange paranormal activity that has been plaguing London. 

Through Jessie’s dreams, she is able to connect with the Linen Man who helps her navigate the minds of these dangerous individuals. He first appears as an ally and slowly becomes a friend as Jessie begins to trust him more and more. However, towards the end, he is revealed to be an evil villain. 

Jessie and her sister, Bea, trace these superpowered evil beings to “the Rip” which is a dark reality located in another dimension. While Jessie is under the impression that the Linen Man will assist her in closing the Rip, he actually has an ulterior motive. 

After he reaches London and appears in person (outside of Jessie’s dreams), he exposes his true purpose. He planned on gaining control of the Rip and using its evil forces to spread terrors throughout the world. Thankfully, his plans to trap Jessie inside of her dreams are foiled after she addresses her nightmares and traumas and is able to break free. 

Will the Linen Man appear in Season 2?

Jessie turned the tables around on the Linen Man and forced him to encounter all of his nightmarish memories. As this happened, he was distracted and filled with pain. He eventually fell to his death, into a dark cave. As he is presumed dead, he isn’t expected to return in Season 2.

However, he left behind a son who also possesses the same psychic abilities as Jessie. Many fans are theorizing that the son will make an appearance and continue his father’s dark legacy in a second season.

Who plays the Linen Man? 

Clarke Peters is the actor behind the Linen Man. He has a career that spans over four decades previously playing Nelson Mandela in Endgame and Harry in John Wick. 

Peters has also made appearances in many well-known television shows like Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Hulu’s People of Earth and the crime procedural series Blue Bloods. He also notoriously played the role of Lester Freamon in HBO’s The Wire.

The Irregulars is currently streaming on Netflix.