The Irregulars: Who is Jojo Macari?

Promotional still from The Irregulars.
Jojo Macari plays Billy in The Irregulars. Pic credit: Netflix

Thanks to the latest Netflix thriller The Irregulars, the infamous Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson are back! This series follows a group of disadvantaged misfits who are enlisted by the mystery-solving duo to help them investigate supernatural crimes that are plaguing the city of London. 

While The Irregulars is familiarly set in the Victorian era, the show takes many dark twists and introduces original characters. Series creator Tom Bidwell shared, “I hope the audience won’t go in expecting to see a very traditional adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s work because this isn’t that. We don’t intend to be that and we’re not protecting the canon: we’re taking elements and twisting and turning them.”

Bidwell then cited taking inspiration from the television series X-Files and the works of Stephen King. 

One of the main characters of The Irregulars, Billy, is played by actor Jojo Macari. While tough at the surface, Billy quickly became a fan-favorite as his crush on “the de facto head of the gang” Bea, played by actor Thaddea Graham, is revealed.

Who is Jojo Macari? 

Jojo Macari is a London-based actor who has starred in many theater projects, such as A Level Playing Field and The Past is a Tattooed Sailor. Aside from that, many fans will recognize him from his work playing the recurring character Kyle in the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education and Mogwan in Netflix’s Cursed.

Additionally, the young actor starred in the Hulu dramas Hard Sun as Daniel Renko and Harlots as Prince Harry. He also made brief appearances in single episodes of Misbehaviour, London Kills and Endeavor. 

Revealed on his personal Instagram account, Macari is a singer and he released a single called Susie earlier in March. The indie-rock song can be streamed across all music streaming platforms.

What are fans saying about Billy? 

Throughout The Irregulars, Macari’s Billy is constantly pitted against the young prince, Leopold (Harrison Osterfield). Both are fighting for Bea’s affection, much to the dismay of her as she harbors feelings for both boys and is also tasked with being the ringleader in their horrific investigations — she clearly has a lot on her plate. 

Most of the fan conversation around the series and its characters are about being Team Billy or Team Leo— and many have found themselves switching sides as the show plays on. 

One fan, @realbarbianaa, laid out the big problem. They tweeted, “Leopard, Spike [Mckell David] and Billy in The Irregulars are so fine.” It’s hard for fans to identify their favorite.

A fan who seems to be leaning towards Team Billy wrote, “Just finished Ep. 3 of The Irregulars, I’m a sucker for friends to lovers, so Billy and Bea are making me feel things but Bea and Leo.” 

As the series just premiered on March 26, there is much more conversation destined to be had after all of its viewers finish their weekend binge. However, for now, it appears as though the gritty “tough boy” Billy has caught everybody’s attention. Luckily for fans, The Irregulars has already been renewed for a second season and hopefully, Billy isn’t going anywhere.

The Irregulars is currently streaming on Netflix.

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