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The Curse of Oak Island preview: The team encounter tough obstacles but still find a possible secret chamber

Rick, Marty, and Alex Lagina on the set of Oak Island
The Lagina brothers are forced into making an as yet unknown tough decision. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team is continuously cursed with obstacles thrown in their way, but this week we can expect them to overcome with some intriguing finds, including the possible location of a secret chamber in the Money Pit area.

This week’s episode looks like it might be one of emotional contrasts. It seems as though the team has made a ton of breakthroughs so far this season, but they’re also coming up against some obstacles.

Judging from the show previews, the guys appear to make some kind of a connection on the mysterious stone roadway, what Rick Lagina would call an “A-ha moment.” But it’s also likely that the Nova Scotian government will tell them to cease all archaeological operations.

Will the Oak Island team abandon the swamp and stone roadway?

An episode preview shows archaeologists Laird Niven, Liz Michaels, and Miriam Amirault with Alex Lagina and another expert, either at or near the stone roadway and they’ve made some kind of discovery. Alex says, “It’s exactly what we were looking for,” and Laird says with a grin on his face, “it’s more than we expected.”

But oh-no! We then hear Rick Lagina say in an interview that they were told to cease all activities. We also hear a frustrated Marty say, “with the regulations we have a disincentive not to find more artifacts.”

Unfortunately, it appears to get worse. The guys later gather in the War Room, and a very solemn-looking Marty says, “We have made a decision and…” We’ll have to wait for tonight’s episode to find out the rest of that sentence, but Laird and Miriam looked really worried.

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Marty had already previously suggested that the guys might give up on all operations outside the Money Pit area. At the time, it felt like a rash statement made in anger, but it’s possible they’ve now decided that is their only option. Fingers crossed that won’t happen.

The History Channel episode synopsis for this week eludes to all this drama:

“The team uncovers significant evidence that the stone road in the swamp was built long before the discovery of the original Money Pit just as the future of archaeology investigation on the island is threatened.”

A chamber found at the Money Pit?

Thankfully, we can also expect some more cheerier stuff this week. The area around the Money Pit remains off-limits to any outside interference, so the guys can do as they wish in that area, and they’re currently busy searching for a chamber.

The team recently identified two pieces of metal from the Money Pit area that contained gold, leading them to believe that there may be a hidden offset chamber in that area that contains the gold. Marty’s theory is that the documented location of the Pit may be a decoy and that this secret chamber may actually hold ancient Aztec or Incan gold.

Well, they’ve found something this week. In one of the previews, Marty asks, “that could apply to a chamber?” and Project manager Scott Barlow responds simply, “it could.” Terry Matheson shouts out, “It’s Christmas.”

We can also expect Gary Drayton and Jack Begley to come up with a real bobby-dazzler of a find this week; judging by a readout on the XRF machine, they’ve hit gold.

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The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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    • I have always believed there was some form of water tight vault that contained the valuable treasures. No one would go to all that tunneling trouble and then just throw all that valuable treasure, including apparently paper artifacts like books. No, there’s a substantial vault under there someplace and that should be the sole target of the Lagina brother’s team… Get the treasure out first and then go play in the muddy swamp all you want…first priorities first… I have been following this story since I read it as a boy in the Readers Digest…

  1. Canada has been happy to take their money for the land and happy to have the money they spent there and employed people – but now that they are finally getting closer – all of a sudden they are worried about the land. If they were so concerned – why didn’t they NOT give them permits to be there and look for gold in the 1st place. CANADA – you are look bad. REALLY BAD


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