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The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s fear the government may shut down operations

Marty Lagina and Craig Tester
Marty Lagina (L) and Craig Tester react with anger and frustration at government interference on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, we can expect the team to hit yet another roadblock in their search for treasure as a Nova Scotia government department orders the guys to shut down either part or all of their operation.

The Dept. of Communities, Culture, and Heritage (DCCH) had already told the team that they would be keeping a closer eye on their activities this year. Initially, the Lagina brothers took this as a positive, seeing it as an indicator that they were making progress and that the DCCH may even prove helpful.

But unfortunately, it seems as though this episode will see the Laginas and the DCCH come into conflict.

However, we can also expect to see some good news. There’s progress on the stone roadway as Steve Guptill pretty much confirms that the stone roadway is heading in the direction of the Money Pit. And there’s more news on the discovery of gold in the Money Pit area.

The History Channel’s synopsis sums up the episode with both positives and negatives:

“The team is unstoppable when more evidence suggests the stone roadway is heading directly towards the Money Pit. But when delicate discoveries are made in the swamp, the fellowship faces the possibility of a government shutdown.”

There’s bad news on Oak Island

In an episode preview, archaeologist Laird Niven can be heard telling shocked members of the Fellowship that Nova Scotia’s DCCH had asked that they “stop down [immediately].”

A frustrated Marty Lagina said: “Our ability to work is getting eroded.” He also stated that four acres are now off-limits to the team.

It’s clear that Marty’s becoming increasingly disillusioned and exasperated, at one point, in another preview, he spoke of throwing in the towel and angrily stated: “The more we cooperate, the more of our island we lose.”

It’s important to remember that the DCCH has already said that the guys are free to do as they wish with the Money Pit area, so hopefully, their interference shouldn’t disrupt the primary goal of finding the treasure. But the organization is increasing its hold over the rest of the island, including the all-important swamp area.

A map shown briefly during a preview appeared to show an area of the island that is now off-limits to the team, although the map is a little unclear. All should hopefully be revealed during tonight’s episode.

Map of prohibited area of Oak Island
Pic credit: History

But there’s also good news on Oak Island

As already stated, don’t expect this episode to be all bad news. We can expect to see further expert analysis on the piece of metal recovered last week at the Money Pit from a depth of 90 feet, and it seems as though the initial analysis stating there was gold in the piece is confirmed.

In a preview, we see somewhat rejuvenated Marty proudly state, “So, we have ancient Spanish gold!”

Rick responds, “That’s huge.” It certainly would be huge; ancient Spanish gold at the Money Pit is exactly what we all want.

Rick is actually super upbeat and points out that they’re at a stage where every time they pull up soil from the Money Pit area, they are now expecting to find gold.

The show isn’t called The Curse of Oak Island for nothing, and there are always going to be hiccups. But it seems as though this season, the guys are closer than ever to uncovering both secrets and treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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  1. Laird Niven is a scumbag. The entire reason people tune in is to watch the treasure hunt. He should have thrown those pottery shards in the garbage not opened his mouth. Now, we have to endure more nonsense from academia about something nobody cares about.

  2. There is a lot of history on Oak Island, history that was completely unknown, so the Government should keep their noses out of it and let them do their work. Although I have my reservations re: Laird Niven, the guys are doing the job that the Government never undertook. It seems they are afraid of what the guys might find!? Let them do their work, unobstructed, so we can all learn the history and what took place on our Canadian shores!

  3. This happens on a lot of treasure hunts. Someone does the work and spends the money then the authorities step in and want it all. What these guys should do is stop and give the N.S. government the bill.

  4. I bet they wish they hadn’t had all those archaeologists involved. As for the roadway…thats all well and good ..but enough already. I found it so exciting in the past when they had divers going down into those canisters or when they found that image of a ship in the swamp. Whatever happened with the doorway they found on Samual Balls land. Watching them scratching in the dirt at the road way gets a bit BORING!!
    Time for the archaeologists to back off.
    So much for owning the island!!

  5. Give the government and the tribe the shards and tell them no more work on that site for additional information for either group.

    The Brothers are bearing all the costs but the government and tribe want to control what is done on private property.

    Tell the government and tribe to enjoy what the Brothers have done for them but no more discoveries from the Brothers.

  6. Welcome to Canada. The government is the liberal Progressive control psychosis government. This means that the people in Canada elected schizophrenic patients to run their country. I met a an who rents old mobile home for people who are fishing on the lake. They are 50+ years old. I found in the fields behind his trailer 25 brand new trailers. I asked him who owns them? He PROUDLY said ‘I own them. I’ve had them for 6 years.’ So, I asked ‘Why don’t you use them?’ He responded by saying ‘Oh I can’t do that. The GOVERNMENT will not give me permission yet. ‘ So I asked ‘When will they give permission?’ His response: ‘ About 8 more years.’ This explains Canada’s problems and the PEOPLE of Canada elect these control freaks.

    • We, the supporters of the Lagina Brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina and Oak Island’s secrets going back to first reading about Oak Island in the Reader’ Digest, encourage the supporters of finally finding the truth need to start a write in campaign to the Canadian Government to leave the Brothers alone until they find what they have spent much sweat and money on over the past some ten years! Why? Because the Lagina Brothers and those who have stuck it out for ten some years with the Laginas and countless earlier individuals, who may still be alive, and if not alive the final dig should be honored by all of Canada and the U.S.A. AB

  7. Laird Niven is a coyote in waiting he has “lured” the brothers like dogs from the safety of their homes to an ambush point, where other coyotes (The Dept. of Communities, Culture, and Heritage (DCCH) will attack.

  8. I’ve been watching this program since the first episode and these guy’s have spent soooo muchtime and money,reserch it’s a damn shame that these men has done all the resurch just for the Canadian government to stop the surch. What the government is going to do is shut these guy’s down then get there crew to find the treasure and tell them SORRY even though they own most of the island….that’s how government works. DAMN SHAME!!!!

  9. The Nova Scotia government has never shown any interest it his before. They could have stepped in years ago and helpedeople like Dan Blankenship. Instead they let Mr. Dunsfield come in and tear the island apart. But now that the fellas are find things , EVERYONE wants a piece of the pie. But I can’t help wondering how much of this is for t.v. Because there wasn’t one word about this in the news when it supposedly happened. Do you think this would have been the best kept secret of all time ?? I doubt, it would have leaked off the island.


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