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The Curse of Oak Island: More gold found at the Money Pit

The Lagina brothers seated in the War Room
The Lagina brothers are getting increasingly excited about what they might uncover on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

On this week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, the team discovered more gold buried in the Money Pit area.

Ever since the team learned of the presence of not just silver, but gold, in water samples found under the surface in the Money Pit area, they have understandably focused their efforts on trying to dig it up.

And this week, the drill uncovered a piece of metal that actually contained gold. This means that the evidence for gold at the Money Pit area is now increasing on a week-by-week basis.

The guys are concentrating their drilling efforts around the infamous C-1 shaft in what they’ve dubbed the C-1 cluster. They named the first hole D-2, and it has already yielded a couple of fantastic finds.

At between 88 and 92 feet, the team pulled out their most exciting core sample. The first thing they noticed was wood, a lot of wood, enough wood to suggest they’ve hit some kind of a tunnel or structure. But the most interesting aspect of this core sample was the chunk of metal that they pulled out of it.

Charles Barkhouse and Terry Matheson wondered if it might be a piece of concrete from the illusive Chappell Vault. According to Charles, in 1897, the Oak Island Treasure Company reported drilling through cement which was believed to be attached to a vault.

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